Apprenticeship Program
Metaphysical Healing Course of Study
with Mark Earlix

First you do not need any particular background in the Healing Arts with the exception of your desire to learn.

Highlights of the Apprenticeship Program:

Practice sensing spiritual fields
Develop your natural intuitive abilities
Learn to work with energy
Learn non-touch and touch spiritual healing
Acquire communication techniques for working with clients
Receive spiritual exercises to increase your focus
Learn to increase your spiritual sight

The coursework is very in-depth. You will learn profound esoteric understandings.
You will work with touch and non-touch Spiritual Healing and deepen your Intuitive abilities. The ancient Abdominal Release technique is offered in the Advanced Course Only.

“Mark teaches his understanding of in-depth spiritual healing, intuition, abdominal release and many more aspects that any spiritual healer should know.” Jill, Reiki Master and Practitioner for 11years, Phoenix, AZ.

Apprenticeship Program: Level One

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix

Study includes several sessions studying alongside Mark for two -to- four days a week for a minimum two weeks. Each day will be two -to- three hours of apprentice training.

The first half of course you will observe as Mark explains in depth what is happening with each client while he is working with them.

The second half of the course, you will begin your initial contact with the client as Mark observes with his guidance and direction of what is happening biologically, emotionally and spiritually in the client’s bodily response. There will be ample time for questions and philosophical understanding that pertains to healing and the use of the intuitive process.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Two

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix

As you have progressed in your studies and understandings you will be applying your skills with more direct contact with clientele.

Deeper philosophical understandings will be introduced to you. Mark will work with you personally with his healing abilities. You will also work on Mark and enhance your continued growth as a healer.

Ample discussion time will take place. The exchange of dialog will be tailored to your specific learning needs.

Apprenticeship Program: Level Three

A minimum of 12 hours of training and study with Mark Earlix

Fine tuning and individual attention for your growth as a Healer you will also learn the Ancient Abdominal Release Technique, a very powerful and restorative practice.

You will learn to spiritually and physically work with the cranium and the organs located within the pelvic and abdominal areas in this one-hour session. This Abdominal Release Technique is rarely know in the Western world today.
Contact Mark Earlix at: 615.719.0904 E-mail:
Flexible Scheduling Available.
Partial Scholarships Available.

Level One: $500
Level Two: $500
Level Three: $500
All Levels Training: $1200

Certificate of Course Completion provided at the end of each Level.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix is a nationally known teacher, healer-intuitive, author and ordained priest. Using his gift of healing he has helped or taught thousands of people over the past 40 years how to transform their lives.
During this time he has continued to study and was initiated into two Gnostic schools. He says his gift of healing is available to all and he teaches or uses his unique techniques in experiential workshops, his writing. and individual appointments.

Mark has appeared on numerous TV and radio stations across the country and has been on the Board of Directors for the Mind, Body, and Spirit Foundation. He has presented nationally at such organizations as Whole Life Expo, Association for Research and Enlightenment, Mind Body Spirit Conference, Unity Churches, The Himalayan Institute, Whole Health Expos, R.C.P. Relapse Prevention Center, B’nai B’rith, Infinity Foundation, Borders Books, and Barnes and Noble.

Mark currently resides in Nashville, TN. He teaches his healing techniques thru his Apprenticeship Program. Mark continues to see clients in the Nashville area at the Center of Symmetry and also works with people in phone sessions.

Mark has published Awaken the Healer Within (a guide to self-awareness and spiritual healing empowerment) and Take My Life (Uncommon Guidance for Everyday Life). His first book, Creator, The Revelation of Healing Yourself and Others is no longer in print. Mark also has two meditations CD's produced in alliance with Nightingale Conant and three spiritual exercise CD's. He is finishing his third book Intuition that should be published in 2012.