If you know how to approach women, you'll realise how vital it is to have a few 'stock' pua openers to start conversations.

This will be your so-called pick up line. Since the mind can only concentrate on a few things at once, it's vital to not be thinking about what we're gonna say.

If you're always having to invent new ways to talk to girls, your mind can become too busy or distracted during this crucial part of the interaction.

Opening lines are supposed to accomplish 3 things: Break the ice, get her laughing and show some of your character.

Let's get the ball rolling. Here are two ideas:"Millionaire":You: "Okay, honest opinion, do I look like a ba-jillionaire or something?"Her: "Uh, I dunno, do you want to?"Your response: "I could care less.

The only thing is so many people have started asking me to lend them money recently that I thought something voodoo is going on."Girl: " I guess that is a little bit odd.

No you don't look rich! Hahahaha!"Your line: "Perhaps it's my compassionate demeanour?"Her reponse: "Hahahaha!"So now she's laughing and it should be a lot easier going from here on out."Foreigner Opener":Your opener: "You're foreign right?"Her: "Nah I'm a local."Your response: "Oh really.

I would have guessed______________.Her: "Ok, what about me looks like a person from ________________?Your response: "Well the way you're standing right now is a dead giveaway..." (thenjust yak away and make some jokes etc.

Then once she's loosened up just chat about favourite countries, foods and whatever else you like.

I've used these lines maybe 30 times each at the most. Don't worry about women having heard these pua openers. I made them and no-one else knows about them.

The more fun you have with these the better they'll work so be sure to change them however you like. Whatever works and feels comfortable. Now imagine what will happen once you've delivered the line say, 50 times.

This is when you really start getting into it and inventing the most fun and insanetwists and turns to the stories.

Now that your mind know the line backwards you can personalise it and make it super-effective.

People often refer to the opening as the most critical phase. Your demeanor to her (fashion, body language, confidence etc.) will determine your first impression.This might be a little intimidating, but it really needn't be and is actually a good thing. Be bold by talking loud and standing upright.

You'll be amazed at the responses.Even if you have to fake it for a while, it doesn't matter. This will create a positive feedback loop that will slowly make everything easier and easier.

In closing,when studying how to approach women, get your opening right first and then the rest will follow.

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