The idea of owning a plush condo at one of the plush up-market locales can well be your dream. However, if you are a first time homebuyer, you should be well aware of the nitty-gritty of typical home deals. There are so many things to consider—the location, the size of the condo, the costs and so on! You should leave no stone unturned to ensure a hassle-free living experience. Considering all the aforementioned factors (and more) would be critical in that regard. Making rushed decisions will not help. For instance, you might as well be so impressed by a particular unit of a complex that you end up buying it without even understanding the rules or regulations guiding the usage of its amenities. Or for that matter, you didn’t even bother to find out whether at all the particular condo association is approved by your lender or not. Mistakes like these will only go on to create obstacles in your home-buying experience. Here is a lowdown on the mistakes committed by potential condo buyers. Go through these mistakes so that you can avoid them while settling for your own condo.

Not judging the location of the suite properly

When you are buying a condo, one of the first things that you end up considering is its location. You end up judging how easily you are being able to access the marketplace, schools, grocery, clinics and recreational centers. Fair enough! However, most of you out there fail to judge the location of your private suite. Is it too close to the party rooms so as to disturb your peace? Is the elevation too low inviting street noise up in to your room? Are you paying frequent visits to the particular suite which you want to buy in order to find out if there is too much noise from other suites or not?

Not getting a grasp of the rules and regulations properly

It’s the condo association which is at the helm of things in condos. The condos are governed by specific by-laws and it is the condo association which ensures that they are not flouted by residents when it comes to using amenities like swimming pool, clubhouse, gym, lawns, badminton court etc. There is a separate board of directors who meet on separate occasions to discuss regular maintenance work and to address issues pertaining to the use of the amenities by residents. As someone willing to buy a condo a soon, you will be committing a huge mistake if you are not making yourself aware of these regulations. It is not really easy to understand them without the help of an attorney. So, make sure you are taking steps in accordance. You might as well be bowled over by the suites at lakeville at lakeside Singapore but do not settle for them without understanding the nuances governing the use of the special amenities.

Not estimating costs properly

Please ensure that you are considering the maintenance fees besides the cost price of the suite before settling for a lakeside residential condo singapore

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