As we cross the age of fifty, most of us need to depend on medication of some kind to remain healthy and fit. However, when you have to select the right package for the medicine then we fail to take the right decision at times.

Precautionary measures to be taken by a pharmacy service, which caters to aged care facility customers needs to be accurate. It is necessary that right medication is given to the right person. Therefore medication packaging procedures need to be considered like which type of packaging will be safe for us to use? Which type of package will be easier to handle? What about the dosages? Should we prefer single dose package or multi-dose package?

Therefore in this article we are going to give a few tips on how to select the right kind of medical packaging that will work best for your pharmacy facility.

Decide about your requirement
First of all you must think which type of packaging will be most convenient for you to handle. You also need to assess your acuity and the physical layout of the medicine’s packaging. Next thing that you must consider is about your licensure requirements. Also you need to know how you can comfortably manage your medications.

Few restrictions that you need to consider
• Some of you may need high acuity and multiple medication changes in that case the choice of multi-dose packaging may not be the right option to choose.
• In case your community is quite large or you have number of floors then you will certainly like to avoid unit dose card, because they are quite bulky in size and also need lots of storage space.
• If the medical staffs who administer the medicine are not properly trained then only original packaging of the pharmaceutical company is allowed and no other package can be allowed. In such case bulky and large packaging will not be chosen at all.
• The understanding of the medical staff is also important as they must be competent enough to understand change in medications and in such case they can make their own decision which package to choose for their use.

There is no single package that will fit for all type of applications. However if the medical staff is well trained then they can easily able to understand the order of the doctor and use the available package in right manner.

Storage space
For large packaging you also need to consider about their proper storage place also. For small package it is easier to handle and store however if there is sudden changes in schedule of medicine then it becomes very difficult to handle.

In case there is multi-dose packaging with multiple numbers of medicines, it becomes much easier to handle them. However such packaging can be often quite bulky and therefore the medical staff using them must be quite trained so that in case of any changes made they should be able to handle it.

Therefore most of the well known pharmaceutical companies provide many different packaging options to choose. They also have pharmacist who can advice you the right package as per your requirement.

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