Anxiety has become a generic term. Anxiety now, can be stress, worry, overwhelm or any feeling of discomfort mentally and physically. But what anxiety truly is, is that feeling of panic, of fear. Its that feeling of not having control over how we are feeling in the moment, no control over our life. For some, you may not be able to breathe, or feel like you are going to die. There are people that cannot leave their home and struggle with agoraphobia, or cannot make phone calls, and cannot get out of bed. You know when an anxiety attack is coming on. You may begin to sweat, heart may race, have to go to the bathroom, get a headache, etc. It can hit you anytime, anywhere. We have no control over it.

I remember when I was struggling with anxiety, and I remember the first time it hit me and I did not know what it was. Cooking dinner, and all of a sudden, I could not breathe, went outside for air, heart was racing and went to a neighbor for help. As it moved forward and began to take over - I could not sleep at night. My husband could not fall asleep before I did because I was afraid I was going to die, could not sleep laying down and slept sitting up. Could not use the fireplace and if I noticed the faint smell of fire, it set me off. So odd, so ridiculous! I knew it sounded crazy, but I could not help it! Leaving the house was becoming difficult and letting my husband leave me alone was as bad!

There are many people suffering with agoraphobia, not being able to leave their home due to their anxiety. How horrible to live your life controlled by your anxiety instead of you controlling your life. Not only this, but as you struggle with your anxiety, even when on medication, a whole other set of problems can manifest - social anxiety, depression, OCD, hopelessness, anger, etc. This effects confidence, self esteem, grades, friendships...its a trickle down situation.

You can read many articles by scientists telling how it has to do with brain waves and many technical issues that I truly do not understand. For me, studying holistic medicine, the body, the body mind connection and being a survivor of intense anxiety (although - its just an old thought now!), my belief is this. Anxiety, as many other disorders, are triggered by a trauma, an sits inside us and when something happens - it rears its ugly head.

But why anxiety?
Most of the time, you will know someone else in your family that struggles with it. A parent, grandparent, cousin, sister.....whomever it travels down generationally. We take on the illnesses of those before us. And with each generation, it can become worse. I believe that our anxiety is the physical symptom, the physical dis-ease created by an emotional trauma, and this is how our body reacts to it. Our mental and physical body is pushed out of balance.

I also believe, having experienced it for myself, when you simply move back into balance, your thoughts become balanced, your body becomes balanced and your anxiety disappears.

Its so simple. I would never of thought it! It all seems so complicated - but really, its not! Its wonderfully simple, wonderfully easy to reverse. We can take our control back! We can rule our own world! We can get rid of the anxiety!

I remember when my doctor had me on Xanex and wanted me to be on suppositories for the rest of my life and I was only in my early 40’s. Was he crazy? A suppository every day for the rest of my life...I told him, if you do it, I will too !

I was able to use homeopathy, which I studied as well. But if you take it to often, you create worse symptoms.

So how do we Take Our Control Back?
Simple. Given to us by the earth for our emotional healing, and for their beauty. Used for years, dating back to Hippocrates. Non toxic, safe, powerful and an incredibly profound healing - flower remedies! It may sound corny, and not very powerful, but they are. Its a healing modality not to be taken lightly! This is not aromatherapy. When my doctor recommended a customized flower remedy blend when I believe looking back, I was having a nervous breakdown (and I am a very strong woman), I thought she was nuts and I told her so! But I trusted her and took the remedy she made for me, and here I am 10 years later working to get this out to the world!

There is no one blend that I give everyone for anxiety. The customized blend is based on your own personal challenges. They are different from everyone. Are you a worrier, or overwhelmed? Do you have panic attacks or intense fears? Did it come from a specific event? Are you OCD? Do you struggle with social anxiety? Can you sleep at night? Is your life in chaos? Do you struggle with agoraphobia? So many different questions. What is going on in your life? How are you living it? What are your family challenges? After a consultation, a customized remedy blend is made and sent out to you. I work with people all over the U.S., and internationally as well. You probably need to be on a remedy blend for 3-4 months, although for most, you will begin to feel changes within the first month! And as you progress and begin to feel great, its a snowball effect. You will begin to notice other challenges lessening - social anxiety releasing, confidence building, going out with friends, panic much less and possibly disappear - it is truly amazing. You are getting your life back! After this period, it becomes maintenance where you keep a remedy with you for the times you feel like something may be coming on.

Call around for a Practitioner, ask questions. Make sure they are certified. Be careful of people making their own remedies in their backyard. This healing modality is all about living life happy!

Usually, I see in clients and for myself, that the same challenges we struggle with come back when we move out of balance. Moving out of balance can be as simple as a fight with a parent, a teacher for some, to something as life changing as divorce, war, PTSD, symptoms of autism. But it doesnt matter anymore, you know why - because you are in control! Simply, powerfully, safely!
Welcome back!

Author's Bio: 

Amy D. Cohen, BFRP, is a Practitioner for Emotional Health, Naturally. Customized flower remedy blends help to reverse our negative emotions, thought patterns and negative behaviors. Amy travels all over the world to bring the most powerful and profound remedies to is in the US. She is an accredited teacher and a Certified Practitioner. Amy also studied homeopathy for three years with the NY School of Homeopathy affiliated with School of Homeopathy in England. She has since formulated a line of a line of all natural soaps to enhance the positive qualities we wish for, bringing peace, calm, confidence and joy back into our lives. She maintains a consulting practice in New Jersey and does telephone consultations worldwide. Her website is She can be emailed at; or skype amy.c.50 or phone at 800-474-1667.