Are You Determined To Be Happy?

You already have everything that you need to live your dream life except perhaps a solid understanding of who you are and a bit of courage. And a desire to be happy; no; a determination to be happy.
In fact, I think that it is determination that sets satisfied people apart from the rest. It is determination that overcomes old habits. And it is determination that stands up to the constant resistance we all face from the world – resistance to the change that we bring, simply by daring to be us.
You just have to love yourself enough to believe that you deserve to be happy. You also have to believe that no one else’s happiness is more important than yours. (Not your partner’s happiness. Not even your kids.)
You have to really, truly, love you and not a lot of people really like themselves, much less love themselves.
If you are not determined to be happy; if, somehow, you don’t think that your own happiness rates highly enough to justify inconveniencing those around you, then you will never succeed at being happy.
So; decide to be the authentic you. Take substantive action towards your new life. Adopt a solid determination that this is the way things will be from now on no matter what.

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Hugh DeBurgh, The Passionate Warrior, has dedicated his life to the achievement of the ultimate family lifestyle. You can find him writing about Creative Family Lifestyle Design over at his blog, The Way of the Passionate Warrior. Currently he is on the second leg of a worldwide travel adventure with his wife and four young children. His blog is at .