Sadly, stress often affects us and if it is not controlled it can cause many problems. Think of kids, work responsibilities and school that keep your life too busy at times. This makes you to be exhausted. Are you down because of tension and stress?

Tension is the main reason for panic and stress. It can affect your life if you're not in control of it. People who are of type-A personality are more prone to tension and stress. This is because they're obsessed with time management, they're impatient and also workaholics.

People who are perfectionist in nature are also prone to tension, stress and even worse depression. This is because they set goals that are too high to achieve, and many things done by others seem to them to be not perfect as they expect them to be.

This world is not a perfect planet. It is time you should understand this reality very well. You can never be hundred percent perfect always no matter how much effort you put.

People do handle their tension and stress in various ways. Some people ignore the actual problems that lead to tension and stress while others pull away from people and stay to themselves for some time. Yet there are those people who fall completely apart. But there are those people who accept their problems and work towards resolving them.

Practice yoga when you're experiencing tension and stress. As an example, as you're seated doing your job, deep-breathing is useful in calming you down. Another idea that works is getting a bit of fresh air outside while walking.

Doing a 20-minute walk or running helps in releasing endorphins that can alleviate your tension and stress. Music can be of great help in lowering your blood pressure and calming your inner being. At times though, tension and stress shows itself in different ways. The loss of focus, feelings of pressure and even heart palpitations can be the signs of tension and stress.

Here is one case from a lady who was suffering from stress:

One office assistant was told to come to her boss's office which happens to be rather big and comfortable. While writing what was being dictated to her, she started to have difficulty in breathing. She lost her concentration and all her focus because of panicking.

She had what is called an attack of anxiety caused by stress. She immediately left the office without excusing herself. However, she later on found the cause. An upsetting thought came into her mind as she was writing the dictation, making her to fear which eventually made her to flee from the room.

If you're feeling down due to tension and stress, look for the reason why you have those negative emotional feelings. Know the cause and talk about it with family, friends or psychologist. If stress is left unsettled, then it can cause severe health issues. Stay away from stress as much as you can.

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