Are You Psychic?
Most members of the psychic community agree that everybody has latent psychic abilities. They believe that these abilities may be more developed in some people than they are in others but that everyone can develop their abilities if given the right opportunities and training. Some people become aware of their abilities independently and seek to develop them further. Some people go through life using their abilities without necessarily identifying what they are, they may think they just have great powers of empathy and sympathy and never necessarily attach the label of psychic to what they are doing.
Recognising these abilities within yourself depends on what talents and abilities you are conscious of and what significance you attach to them. Some people have recognised and used their abilities from their childhood onwards. Other people do not start to even consider them until well into their adult life. It may be that you are using skills and abilities everyday without thinking they are out of the ordinary, but in fact demonstrate that you are in touch with inner powers you have not fully developed. What you describe as intuition, gut reactions and empathy may actually be manifestations of your psychic abilities.
For those who believe that this may be the case it is a small step to begin developing them more fully. If you are sceptical or resistant this can cause a barrier to the further development of the powers that you have. The more you accept your powers and consciously use them then the more easily they will flow and develop. Like everything else practice is the key to mastery and success. This does not mean that someone who does not recognise or choose to develop their abilities does not have them it just means they will never achieve their full potential. The level of ability varies between individuals. It can be particularly hard for someone to begin to develop their abilities if they have never experienced them or recognised them at work.
But once you do recognise the potential with you it opens up a huge unexplored world of knowledge and wisdom that you can use to help yourself and others in a positive way. Even without guidance from an expert just using your natural powers regularly and in a focussed way will help you to understand them more and use them more effectively. If you are open to the psychic nature of your abilities then using them give you a growing awareness and knowledge of how you can access them and use them more effectively.
So, yes, you are psychic, but to truly use your ability it needs to be developed and refined over a long period of time.

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