Are you taking life too seriously?

Did you know as we age we are less inclined to see the funny side of life? New research shows that children laugh on average 400 times a day, compared to 28% of UK adults, who don’t laugh for up to a week at a time!

Why have we all stopped laughing?

We all live such hectic lives nowadays and as technology advances we find ourselves cramming even more into our already demanding day, if it’s not our job, it’s housework, the demands of parenthood, our self-imposed financial burdens, socialising with friends we don’t even like, the list is endless. For most, we spend our entire life doing things that we don’t even enjoy. How crazy is this. Is it any wonder we don’t laugh anymore! We have just simply forgotten how to laugh. And more to the point, we’ve forgotten what fun actually means to us.

It’s time to go back to our roots.

There is something truly wonderful about watching children at play (whether you have children or not), they are naturally inquisitive about life, they find wonder in the simplest of things and their primary focus is to enjoy themselves and have heaps of fun in whatever way feels right for them.

But, inside each and every one of us, no matter how old we are, there is an excited little child desperate to come out and play. He or she wants to escape, wants to roll down hills, dance in the rain, eat copious amounts of chocolate ice-cream, ask silly questions, but most of all, he or she WANT’S SOME FUN!

Ask yourself: When was the last time your inner child came out to play?

Here are some clear signs that you’re taking life too seriously:

1) You can’t remember the last time you laughed – I mean really laughed!

2) You get totally stressed out if you deviate from your set schedule, god forbid that someone should want to pop over for a coffee out of the blue, or invite you out with 15 minutes notice.

3) You find yourself tutting or sneering when you see others having fun. How dare they have fun when you’re not.

4) You feel miserable most of the week, finding yourself thinking: ‘Why is my life so dull?’

5) You are always telling yourself that you have no time for fun, the washing needs doing, the dinner needs cooking, the dog needs walking and so on.

6) You think: ‘I’m too old for fun’.

7) It’s almost impossible to make you laugh no matter how funny the joke. But you never used to be this way.

Action: It’s time to invite your inner child out to play

It’s time to step aside from the seriousness of daily life, albeit for just a short while. It’s time to have some real fun.

Ask you inner child what it would most like to do today?

Watch a Disney movie, eat ice-cream, go to the fun fair, roll down a hill, climb a tree, watch the sun rise/set, get socked through in the rain, swim in the sea, bounce on a bouncy castle, swing on a swing. What is your soul yearning for? My favourite is to bounce with my daughter on her trampoline or to simply lie on the grass and watch the clouds effortlessly drift by. Total bliss.

By creating and allowing more fun and laughter into your life you will find you become less tense and uptight. You’ll have oodles more energy and a new zest for life, and most importantly, you’ll become a happier human being.

Now, I’m off to bounce on the trampoline. Coming to join me?

Have a happy fun-filled day!

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As one of the UK’s leading life coaches Louise Presley-Turner has literally helped turn around the lives of numerous individuals, who perhaps like you are sick and tired of feeling trapped by their current circumstances. Featured in some of the top women’s glossy magazines such as Woman & Home as well as magazines and newspapers up and down the country her unique style of coaching has produced some amazing results, helping people to define their goals and turn their lives around with amazing success. VISIT WWW.THEGAMEOFLIFE.CO.UK