People who fight for preservation of a species, often neglect what preservation of life requires, which is in many cases, the end of another life.

Humans are the only creature who can choose an alternate food source. Lions cannot become vegetarians as much as elephants can become carnivorous.

When you want to preserve one life, you are condemning others to die, this is nature. In fact, the proportions are that one life must take hundreds or thousands of lives throughout its lifetime.

Using the example of a salt water aquarium at feeding time in which there were many fish, including a lionfish. There was a young boy watching the lionfish, which is an incredibly beautiful fish. A goldfish was placed in the tank, and the child was also enamored with the goldfish, as most people do find them cute. These two fish came close together, then in a flash, there was only one.

The child broke out crying that the lionfish ate the goldfish. He wanted both to live, but did not understand that for the lionfish to live, it had to eat, and what it eats is other little fish.

The point of this article is to remind us that nothing is one sided, and any time we think we know best, we are blinding ourselves to the myriad of links in the chain.

This applies to the laws of nature in our world and the various species which inhabit it, but it also equally applies to our spiritual growth and even our personal relationships.

Spiritual growth and healthy positive relationships free of arguments and conflicts cannot happen when one or many people see things only from their point of view. If you forget that for the lionfish to live, other fish must die, sometimes three or four other fish per day, then you are neglecting the voracious nature of the lionfish which is decimating the fish population in the Caribbean.

One sided thinking always leads to imbalance which ends up destroying the environment.

The exercise is to think twice about any opinion you have about everything.

Is it right to defend and protect one creature at the expense of another? Is it the correct or best thing to defend your desires and opinions at the expense of others? If you fight for preservation of the lionfish, you are condemning the majority of other fish to death. Are you preserving life, or bringing death?

Think, then think again, before you take action or make decisions which can impact anyone else, which basically means, every decision you make.

When you have removed your selfish ego as the master of your decisions, then you will be free to act as you wish. But remember, do you have the wisdom or right to decide who should live and who should die.

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