I live in a part of the country that has a large population of Amish folk and this time of year they are gearing up for weddin’ season. What this means for those of us who are the “English” is that getting from here to there involves passing quite a few buggies as they make their way to a particular farm for the marriage ceremony and celebration.

One morning, as I was contemplating whether or not it might be faster to just pull over, get out of my car and run past them (not really, but I’m not at my most patient early in the day), I noticed that most of the horses had blinders on. I mean that’s a very normal thing, as this helps the horse focus on what’s in front of it and not get distracted by cars, etc. Nothing unusual there at all, except…

It occurred to me that most people could benefit from wearing "success blinders". One of the biggest time wasters in your pursuit of success is lack of focus.

People who achieve and experience the most success are basically wearing "success blinders". They stay focused on the goal in front of them and are not distracted by things that are in their peripheral vision.

So what are some tips for putting on your "success blinders"?

• Take the time to plan your day...seriously that 10-15 minutes will do amazing things for your productivity!
• Prioritize your tasks (what will benefit you or your bottom line the most today?)
• Write your plan down! I cannot emphasize this enough!!!! (notice the exclamation points)
• Look at your most challenging task and figure out why it is so difficult (lack of information, fear) and confront those issues head on.
• Recognize that you and you alone are responsible for how your day turns out
• Know your most productive energy patterns and make the most of them

What do your "success blinders" look like? What are the tools you use to stay focused and productive?

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Danielle Miller is the founder of One Smart Cookie, LLC, a company dedicated to empowering women worldwide to create the life they crave. A former teacher with a background in special education, counseling, personal development, and sales, she is a coach and mentor for women who hunger to do what they love. Helping women recognize and achieve that ultimate 'sweet spot' of work/life blend is her passion, purpose and business. Today she speaks and coaches professional women all over the world who are looking to create their own Recipe for Life. Her passion and enthusiasm for empowering and inspiring others to connect to their true passion and vision is done with the understanding that there is no "cookie cutter" mold and that we all have our own unique mix of ingredients. Danielle specializes in supporting women to create delicious goals that reflect their purpose, passion and vision. To get a taste of Danielle's style and learn more about coaching/mentoring, workshops and speaking topics, visit http://www.myrecipeforlife.com and start creating the life you crave. Danielle can be contacted at danielle@myrecipeforlife.com and (717)587-3309 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (717)587-3309      end_of_the_skype_highlighting