Are you with your Soulmate?

There are Four Types of Romantic Relationships, Soulmates, Twin Flames, False Twin Flames, Karmic. Some people consider False Twin Flame Relationships to be Karmic, but I happen to disagree and I will explain why.
Karmic Relationships are the ones that don’t fall into the two “big” categories, Soulmates & Twin Flames. False Twin Flames mimic TF Relationships very closely and can be every bit as exhausting if not more so.
So where does this leave the Relationships that are mostly uneventful, no Runner and no Chaser, but are not Soulmates either. That is why I feel that there are four categories and that is the method I work with.
What is your Relationship Type?
We aren’t always in the type of relationship we think we are in and when we don’t know, that can be a problem because all of your Relationships come to you full of lessons to learn about yourself and your Partner and when you don’t understand your relationship you can figure out the lessons properly.
• Very much like-minded in interests & dislikes
• Can’t imagine ever separating
• Unconditional love & devotion
• “Best Friends”
• Complete comfort with being Yourself
Twin Flames
• Runner & Chaser
• Turbulent relationship
• Separations
• Struggles with compatibility
• Complete opposites
• Trouble committing
• NEVER Violent

False Twin Flames
• Very similar to TF relationships but there is nothing gained from these relationships. Often one-sided benefits.
• The primary thing that defines a False Twin Flame would be Abuse. While the real TF may verbally assault you in a way that is to your benefit to do better in life, the FTF will verbally assault you just to be mean. They may also physically or sexually abuse you.
• FTF’s are training for the real TF, if you are in a FTF relationship you should consider leaving it immediately.
Karmic Relationships
• They teach you important lessons about life.
• They may be peaceful or intense
• They are not meant to last
• They exist to balance issues not learned fully in past lives.

Now that you have narrowed down your exact Relationship Type, you can start working on exactly what you need to do to improve your life and the quality of your relationship.
Every Relationship has energy of its own for each stage of development and by the time a relationship reaches its One Year mark it has been defined for the first stage.
You may have heard that each life contains many lifetimes and the same is true of a Romantic/Love Relationship.
No couple at the 20 year point is the same couple as they were at the one year mark. Both Partners continue to grow and evolve and so does the relationship and in this period of time, the Energy that it carries will continue to evolve with the couple and every event or action that happens along the way, good or bad, becomes a part of this energy.
In the beginning when everything is magical, the energy will be electrical because there is usually not much if any bad energy attached so that “new couple” energy is largely uncontaminated but then that first argument or crisis happens and it’s never exactly the same again.
So as time goes on, you can think of the Relationship Energy as a collective energy and I want you to visualize a change jar, and imagine that your relationship is a big clear glass jar and the events that have happened throughout the relationship are represented by the change you put in it.
In this imaginary jar, Pennies can represent the arguments, Nickels can represent struggles, Dimes can represent the happy occasions, & quarters can represent the good times.
How does your jar look? What could you cash it in to buy?
When an Empath gets hurt, they can hold onto that hurt for the lifetime of the relationship or longer. Past relationships often form current relationships and that is especially true for Empaths. It’s just the way that they are designed but with a tiny bit of effort that can be changed.
Nobody wants to believe that the boyfriend or girlfriend they had at 16 is affecting their marriage at 38 but guess what? It does. Every single experience in life has formed you into who you are today and the person you were even as recently as 6 months ago does not exist, the experiences you have had within the last 6 months helped evolve you into yet another new person.
As all of these changes take place, sometimes Partners can start to grow apart and when you realize that has started to happen you have a choice, you can start putting the energy into renewing and improving the relationship or you can outgrow it but either way, that couple no longer exists, and that is wonderful because if this weren’t the case our Souls & our Selves would never evolve.

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Michelle Fisher
Coach, Minister, Psychic, & Author
My name is Michelle and I am the Founder of TPF Spiritual Services located in Southern Ohio. I have been a Psychic and Coach for a long time and I have recently start branching out into the subject of Soulmate Attraction in my Programs & Coaching. I have been working as a Coach for about 10 years in a variety of topics and I have successfully Coached hundreds of Clients to finding their success & happiness.