In defining any period in history, due to our programming and our current economic and educational paradigms, we usually use macroeconomic models in our conclusions. With our current state of complete and total disarray in our financial systems, it's inevitable that most of society have went into isolation and called "Uncle" and issued a pandemic state of BUST!

We must take a step back in time to reactivate our minds to some falsities within this mindset from our media controlled cartel based societies to understanding the wealth of opportunities that are flashing before our eyes in a BOOM Time in history!

When we look back in history of the wealthiest people of all time, we find that a large portion of these were tied to the Rockefellers. Also, most of this wealth was created in times of "new frontiers" with a society of free enterprise thinkers laying the groundwork for an entire socioeconomic shift. In the late 1800's of the Revolutionary times, we find innovations such as railroads, new media outlets, faster communication networks and most importantly people in a free society choosing to interact to build wealth. At further inclusion we uncover that over 87% of this accumulated wealth was made in a 10 yr span, WHY? The people who were willing to "lay it on the line" and be the masters of their own free will to drudge through new, untapped opportunities were the ones who amassed great wealth, influential knowledge and power to make change.

If we AWAKEN to this new Mega Information Era we are in right now after the technological age with the advent of the mega internet driven commerce, we can too brave our own frontier into the future if we are willing to change our focus from Bust to Boom!

There are more millionaires being made as I write today than in any other time in history simply due to the power in leverage and the untapped ultra potentialities that lie on the internet. It is a Big Thinkers playground for the future of innovation and true wealth building. We must open new doors that have been closed and bolted shut by our media controlled propagandized networks to keep us in this overwhelming isolation we all feel. By tapping into the social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, Squidoo and many other social outlets we can lay a whole new path of free enterprise, network marketing to build wealth in others and "back to Barter" basics if we are to survive and thrive in this internet driven wave. This New Frontier will not last forever, just like railroad tracks finally arrive at the depot.

May 19th, 2009

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Scott Lifer, born October 7th, 1967.
Founder and CEO—

Scott is a Professional Speaker in this Mega Information Era educating on “out of the box” investment methods with an emphasis on the only one, true tangible wealth building investment, commodities.

He believes strongly that the biggest impact of the financial collapse and breakdown of our socioeconomic systems is not the money being lost, but the pandemic state of “Isolationism” we all feel in trying to survive in this era.

Scott advocates and teaches on the importance of restoring that “American Spirit” of Free Enterprise networks by helping people get out of that JOB (Just Over Broke), out of the employer-employee top down model and into a system of mentors and coaches that truly want to help us all realize our hopes and dreams.

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