Hi, If you are one of many people who are just beginning to develop their psychic abilities often wonder how they will be able to “tell” when things are working. If this describes you, and you’d like to understand the phases of psychic development, then read on.

The first, and most important, thing to note is that there’s really no epiphany or lightning-bolt flash of awareness coming. It doesn’t happen the way you see it depicted in the movies.

Instead, the awakening of a psychic gift is more along the lines of a slowly unfolding flower or the coming of maturity. It is a very gradual, almost unnoticed process, that occurs one step at a time.

For instance, you may find yourself having pre-cognitive dreams (dreaming things which later come true), only you don’t realize it until months later. The next time around, you may become aware of the manifestation of a dream within weeks, and the next time within days and so on.
You have feelings that grow so gradually that you almost don’t notice them, and you realize in hindsight that had you followed them it would have led you in a different direction.

You look at a tarot card and it means something different than ever did before. You call a friend right when they need you, or remember to grab your spare keys on the day you accidentally lock your main set of key in the car.

This is how psychic development first manifests itself. While it starts slowly, one must also note that to truly claim your psychic gift you should be able to create those situations with intent.

In other words, the further along in your development you are, the less “random” your intuitions will be. Instead, you’ll be able to exert choice over more and more of the information that comes to you.
Better yet, if it is a receptive or reactive gift that you possess, then information you receive should begin to arrive more and more in time for you to be able to respond to it.

The truth is that everyone has these abilities. We are all psychic. Some will be easier to master for some people than others. People with psychic gifts are not members of an elite group. The good news is that means with practice you can get better. The bad news is the only way to get better is to practice!

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