Is this you: You're a top performer in you MLM company. By June of each year, you're in the number 1 or 2 spot for sales or recruiting. It's clear to everyone that you'd be number 1 at your current pace. But by September your production falls for no reason and by the end of the year you finish 5th or 6th, which is still excellent, but you feel the number 1 spot evaded you again? This is because you subconsciously believe that's what you dererve.

What Is Your Deserve Level?

Here's how to figure out your deserve level. First, write down the lowest monthly figure you will allow yourself to make and still stay in your network marketing business. Then write down the highest monthly figure you've ever made in your business. That's your deserve level. Your brain sets the lower figure as the amount you deserve to stay above (you won't let yourself drop below that amount) and the higher amount as the most you deserve to make (subconsciously you would feel uncomfortable making more than that).

Four things make up your deserve level:
Your beliefs about yourself
Your self esteem
Your self confidence
The permission for success you got from the past

To increase your deserve level, ask yourself these 3 questions:
What are my business or personal goals for this year?
What am I doing to sabotage these goals?
What fear is causing the sabotage behavior?

Changing The Pattern

Once you have found out what you want and how to and why you are sabotaging yourself, you can stop doing that and increase your deserve level by taking these four steps:

1. Self Talk
This is what you say to yourself and the world around you. Studies show that we 77% of what we think and say is negative. You gotta stop the negative self talk. Write down your goals and wants, read them aloud everyday to program them into your belief system.

2. Self Release
Self release is the need to express and release negative emotions. It's important to accept all your feelings, especially negative ones like anger. Ignoring your so called negative feelings won't help them go away. They will simply work against you subconsciously.

3. Self Nurturing
Be kind to yourself, especially when you're not doing things perfectly. Perfectionism is a curse. It makes us ignore the 95% of the good or right things we do. So we tend to focus on the 5% that's not going right. Self criticism keeps you in depression. So be kind to yourself when you're not doing well.

4. Self Support
Cultivate your ability to create and sustain a personal support system. Surround yourself with people you want to emulate.

Choose mentors who have the things you wnat in business and in life. They can help you believe in yourself and encourage you to go after your dreams.

Create a reward system for yourself. Allow yourself to receive praise form yourself and others for your accomplishments,and even ask for positive feedback when you feel uncertain.

It is possible to stop sabotaging yourself anr reach your goals. The first step is to sincerely believe that YOU DESERVE THE VERY BEST.

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