One safe and natural way to manage the stress of our daily lives is to find time to meditate and breathe deeply. By adding pure essential oils to the air we breathe, the positive effects are increased exponentially. Many pure essential oil blends are very effective in relieving stress and are considered therapeutic for both our minds and bodies.

In today's chaotic world negative outside influences can come in many forms. Stress can be heightened by more than just an ornery boss or an angry spouse; one of the major causes of stress on our bodies today is poor indoor air quality. The air that we are breathing right NOW is likely infested with mold, viruses, bacteria and a long list of other airborne pollutants. We are spending more time indoors than ever before, and the air quality in buildings today is the poorest it has ever been. As a result, our bodies are constantly under stress. Stress and fatigue can lead to additional health problems and weaken our immune systems.

Aromatherapy is more than just a pleasant smell or aroma. When Essential oils are atomized into the air we breathe, they enter our bloodstream and begin to strengthen our bodies and relax our minds. The benefits of breathing essential oils are manyfold, most notably, their ability to relieve stress and calm the human mind. The health benefits do not stop there; essential oils are proven to boost our immune system, oxygenate our blood, and kill harmful viruses and bacteria from within our bodies.

Pure and natural essential oils can be blended into an endless array of combinations that have numerous therapeutic effects on our bodies. With regular therapy using diffused essential oils, our bodies can find their natural balance allowing us to deal more effectively with negative outside influences and manage stress. The medical science of Aromatherapy and its therapeutic effects on our bodies are well documented. Clinical studies, testimonials and papers have been written by noted experts such as the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), WebMD, Cancer Institute and the Mayo Clinic.

Equally important to the advancements in the medical science of Aromatherapy are the advancements in the TECHNOLOGY of Aromatherapy. As our need to create healthy indoor environments increases, so has the demand for the technology to accomplish it. Today’s most advanced atomization technology is created by an American company called Diffuser World Inc. in Enoch Utah. Diffuser World’s Cold Diffusion™ technology and patented jet style atomizer will effectively diffuse a pure essential oil into a micro-fine vapor that will fill a room with health promoting nebulisate. The micro droplets of pure essential oil that you breathe into your body are extremely aromatic and therapeutic.

With so many health and wellness options in the world, it is time to take charge of our own well-being and listen to our bodies. Use of essential oils is safe, natural, effective and easy to use. Manage your stress by managing your life with the use of Aromatherapy and essential oils. These complex and powerful plant oils were man’s first ‘medicine’ and they will be our last.

Anyone considering using essential oils should consult a qualified Aromatherapist and refer to the Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) chart, which can be found on the Internet along with more information on Aromatherapy and its many uses.

Author's Bio: 

Kevin Nelson is a professional marketing consultant that works with companies that promote health conscious products. Recent acceptance of utilizing modern technology with the ancient art of aromatherapy, and its relationship to health and wellness, has inspired him to write a number of articles that have been published in many online and print publications.