“There is very little doubt that our universe is embedded in a vastly bigger megaverse.”
Leonard Susskind

It is slowly becoming reality for many of us that the reality of Einstein’s space-time is one of consciousness, quantum minds and souls.

The realisation is also emerging that it is those minds and those souls that individually and collectively create the informational ‘material’ environments through which all evolve.

It would seem the numbers of possible universes in the megaverse are unlimited, so say physicists like Leonard Susskind the founder of ‘String Theory’ and ‘The Holographic Theory. These cutting-edge theoretical physicists no longer talk about a single universe with four dimensions, but of the many dimensions of a ‘landscape’ or ‘Megaverse’. They talk of infinite numbers of universes and infinite beginnings, ‘singularities’ like that at the heart of the, ‘Big Bang Theory’. They talk of those multiple universes as the ‘laboratory’ for evolutionary processes that spawns every single possibility of universe, doing so in order to evolve one such as our own: one that possesses higher possibilities and probabilities of consciousness and intelligence.

Others like Professor of physics Frank Close tell of ‘The Void’: saying it is not empty space, but a seething mass of primal energy like a neural matrix or ‘brain’. Others such as Mario Beauregard neuroscientist and Ernest L. Rossi psychobiologist write exciting books about their groundbreaking work on mind body healing and psi awareness experiences.

So it is that today many theories abound that show Darwin’s ‘The Origen of Species’ to be but half the story, while ‘The Quantum Theory of Mind and Soul Evolution’ is the other half.

Quantum Choices

But can we choose what kind of environment we go to on our next ‘death’ transition? The point of these articles is that yes we can. We do so because all the energy links we create, as we think act and move through life, attract to us, by the law of attraction, the environment best suited for our next life. However should our beliefs prevent us from moving forward, then our evolution of mind and soul stagnates and the only choice we have is to come back here with no memory of having been here before.

Individual Identities

We now know that you and I depend entirely for our individual identities on our own time tracks. These were encoded from our individual viewpoint of the universe within our many past lives. This information is available to the universal mind matrix and is also available to us all, so giving us multiple quantum choices that come to us as insights, inspirations, light-bulb ideas and eureka moments. Though we can’t access these memories consciously, we super-consciously access them soul to soul, as intuition.

New Beginnings

Just as each new universe begins as a ‘big bang’ of matter in the ‘womb’ of the megaverse and carries information from a joining of two ‘branes’ (two universes), so each of us begin a new incarnation in a similar manner. As we all know this is from a ‘joining’ and an explosion of cells in the womb of the female parent follows. And so each new body we inhabit as we reincarnate, like each new universe, has its own information, its own ‘change factor’ in the DNA passed on in a fifty-fifty mix from of our parents.

DNA Does Not Make Us

DNA does not make ‘us’ however, but is merely the ‘instruction manual’ that tells the fifty trillion or so cells of our bodies what to do, when, and how to do it. To our quantum soul-minds DNA is but a ‘change factor’ to help us to move forward in the purpose of life, which is our individual quantum mind and soul evolution.
Your body, also being a change factor, a change of focus for the evolution of your quantum mind and soul, gives you a new viewpoint - even down to a change of sex, country, colour of skin, hair and eyes, shape and size - of the world, other people, other life forms and of the universe.


But in order for of any kind stability to come about in the universe and the megaverse the ability must also exist for the permanent encoding of information. It must also possess a recall ability of that information so that quantum consciousness can build on and around it.

In the past both religion and science were one and the same discipline and used the same terminology to encapsulate ideas. Now semantics all too often get in the way and terms such as ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’, used in a scientific way, would be looked on with horror.

But why should this be for many people in the past were just as intelligent as theoretical physicists are today and could visualise how the universe may work in the same way. They would have used what I call ‘The Einstein Visualization Formula’, which is using the creative imagination we all possess, just as Einstein himself used it. They would have visualised the primal energy of a ‘Higgs’ field say, but, in the mindset of the times, called it ‘spirit’.
We have to keep an open mind and not let semantics get in the way of our individual and collective quantum mind and soul purpose: which is to evolve, to become more than we were or are now.

The mind is the energetic, synaptic matrix that becomes ever more conscious by the degree that it encodes information and recalls it to rework it to further order. Soul is the encoded material. Spirit is the prime energy ‘field’. In other words soul is another word for a database.

Soul is that which makes each of us individual. In the beginning of our universe there was just the one soul existing as an energy matrix. But that changed in the first one billionth of one second, as the first quantum jump of our universe known as the ‘Big Bang’ took place. The wide focus of the ‘One’ soul, with its creation of finite matter particles, then emerged as a duality of ‘One’ and ‘Many’.

Summing up:

• It is this encoding and recalling ability that we call ‘mind’.
• It is the encoded information that we call ’Soul’.
• It is the quality of our thoughts and acts that evolve us.
• It is the lack of creativity of our thoughts and act that stagnate us
• We all possess free will to create our own futures.
• By our thoughts and acts we create the energy that in turn is the next
moment of what we are, and the next and the next.
• That same energy links us all one to one and one to all.
• That same energy attracts to us the environment we will find on our next death transition.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming and herbalism. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
His teaching novel: ‘The Rhiannon Blade’ backed up by ‘The Cosmic Net Course’, though set in the present time, explores the quantum mind and soul evolution of a group of people through a four-hundred year period. This begins with the rape of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s army and its effect on two young people, soul-mates, who found themselves on opposite sides of the created divide.
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