The Repetitive Life: Healing Your Patterns by Mark Earlix

Imagine what it might be like if; that everything you have experienced and you are currently experiencing, is an event you have repeated and repeated and repeated over and over again. Each time that you are thrown back into this repetitive experience... little in your world has really changed, despite your momentary desires. Why?

Most of what binds you and sets-up patterns in your life are all learned in the mostly younger years. Your personal events or situations that bother you or that you dislike about yourself come from your past. Such as, how no one will ever be with you or even stay with you through life or that you aren't good enough in some or many ways... the failings that keep reminding you how bad, wrong or broken you are continue as the repetitive pattern.

With this thought in mind, imagine that now is the time to remember that you always have had the opportunity and multiple opportunities to awaken from the entrapments to a greater reality, a reality that frees you from your repetitive past created in your youth. I excel at healing destructive patterns.

You see, it is your superfluous thinking that is the causal for separation from your Self. Self being your individualized and specialized Cell within the Mind. Some refer to as the Mind of God, the Creator, the Universal Mind or whatever you refer to as god. This Self resides within you with unconditional and selfless love.

Now, with becoming aware of this freedom from the burden of repetitive patterns, you can make the most and the best of yourself at any moment and in any situation... prior to and after the pattern. And now you won't have to re-live the same patterns of your life's continuality. As you recognize this understanding, that is "re-cognize" how you view any immediate situation, the patterns dissipate and its substance carry less life within us.

You are constantly given another chance to improve, to evolve and to go beyond the archaic thinking and actions, training and entrapments that have kept you in the destructive patterns of our world since the beginning of your birth into chaos.

At the moment of your birth you were born into the manifested thoughts and influences of your mother and father, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, acquaintances and their generations of visions they have accepted.

"You were born into the layers of mind of the world's conditions and potentials of those conditions."

It is as though this were an unrealized pandemic of silent and accepted conversation of mankind. Through contemplation and silent meditation, you can find your way back to Self from its distorted thinking of trials and tribulations.

"Through our souls ultimate purpose, Its only true destiny and fate" we are free to find our Self... not from what we were born into but to re-member from whence we came."

I offer you my experience with helping to change your destructive patterns, identifying and breaking the patterns that are holding you back from fulfilling yourself.

Author's Bio: 

Mark Earlix, Healer by the Grace of God and blessed with the Gift of Healing and Intuition. He is a nationally known Teacher, Healer and Intuitive since 1970 and has helped many thousands of people transform their lives. Mark Earlix continues his practice and teaches others his healing methods. He currently resides in Nashville, TN.

Mark Earlix recently published his third powerful transformational book "Awaken the Healer Within". Mark produced several Spiritual Exercises and Meditations available on CD’s.

In addition to his practice and teaching Mark also conducts Workshops around the country.

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