A Series of Articles on the Quantum Theory of Mind and Soul Evolution

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present"
Abraham Lincoln

The Quantum Hologram

A BBC Programme I watched recently began:

“There is a strange and mysterious world surrounding us. For most of the time it’s hidden from our senses.” So began the narrator on a BBC Horizon programme. He went on to say... “The quest to explain the nature of reality is one of the great scientific detective stories.”

Of course it is. It has always been so: for once upon a time both science and religion were once one and the same discipline. The Horizon narrator continued: “Are we all part of a great cosmic hologram? Do we exist in an infinity of parallel worlds?" And ended his introduction by saying: “... on this quest common sense is no guide”.

The programme then began by introducing one of my scientific heroes, Prof. Leonard Susskind, the discoverer of both string theory and the Holographic Principle. Leonard opened with the words:

“Quantum Mechanics says that I can pass through that wall ...”

And so this fascinating program went on from black holes to the deepest structure of space and time. But as to what actually is space, time and reality each physicist interviewed on the program could only say: “...nobody knows”.
So what is reality?

The physicists, cosmologist, microbiologists and other scientists brave enough to go against physics dogma at the risk of losing their tenured positions, adding up the evidence across the whole spectrum of knowledge, express their conclusions of where science is taking us as: ‘Scientific Philosophy’. They can do so with that offshoot of science because it isn’t taken too seriously by most physicists, it is after all only a few scientists letting their imaginations roam for a while. (See 'The Einstein Visualisation Formula - Article One of this series.) Yet is from this ‘Science Philosophy’ that such films as ‘The Secret’, and bestselling books like ‘The Field’, ‘Quantum Success’ and Greg Braden’s ‘The Divine Matrix’ and many others have sprung.

Yet all that knowledge is still summed up in the mathematical view that all that exists does so as encoded information. It is information that begins with quarks and other odd named particles that make up the fundamental particle ‘reality’ of the structure of everything including the atoms of our bodies and our DNA. Nobody can ‘see’ such particles. Their existence can only be mathematically predicted to exist by such brilliant mathematicians as Prof. Leonard Sussing and others and then ascertained to do so by still more scientists accelerating particles in opposite directions to near the speed of light and catching what happens when they collide. The equipment to do this, such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, near Geneva in Switzerland, which replaces Fermilab in the America as the worlds largest and highest-energy particle accelerator literally cost billions upon billions to build.
A Ten Year Search

Those ‘fundamental particles’ are information and information cannot be lost or destroyed is a fact that grew from a ten-year search by Leonard Susskind. He started from the moment when he heard Stephen Hawkins make the opposite assertion to this. Stephen the great British theoretical physicist stated that black holes are not permanent and gradually fade away to nothing taking all the information they contain with them.

After ten years of work and much hair pulling, Leonard finally wrote the math that proved Stephen wrong and out of that came the holographic principle. We are all holograms in a holographic world and universe it tells us. Yet when we consider this where does that leave us? Is a hologram structured from information any different from the mind and soul that the dogmas of physics stringently reject?
Most physicists believe that when our brains die so do our consciousnesses. So what happens to the information that makes us uniquely ‘us’? Does it get lost, as Steven Hawking once thought, in a slowly disappearing black hole? I think Abraham Lincoln summed it all up when he said:

"The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present."

Abraham Lincoln wasn’t, of course, talking about modern physics as it has been for the last century.’ Yet what he said is still current as right now is the ‘stormy present’ and a few scientists are beginning to distance themselves from the scientific dogmas of the past century.

If information cannot be lost then neither can the information that makes each of us uniquely individual.

So now we have scientific mathematics, theories and experiments that back up our long-held beliefs in mind and soul. Some ‘thing’, which is the base of all that we are, continues to exist when the holographic or ‘unreal’ body we temporally occupy is no longer of any use to us. The reality, according the holographic principle, continues to exist at the edge of the universe within a two-dimensional ‘event horizon’. One which Susskind proves, with his mathematics, continues to exist even after the universe collapses back into black hole and ceases itself to exist as our universe.

All the knowledge that science is now accumulating is beginning to show that though that in time the universe will cease to exist, as do our bodies, the information of which it is made and which has been added to and evolved to make it more than it was, will not cease to exist though but will go on.

It looks very much as if science is beginning to prove that mind creates information and evolves that information as it evolves itself.

It looks very much as if science is beginning to prove that the universe is one of mind and soul.

Author's Bio: 

Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming and herbalism. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
His teaching novel: ‘The Rhiannon Blade’ backed up by ‘The Cosmic Net Course’, though set in the present time, explores the quantum mind and soul evolution of a group of people evolving through a four-hundred year period. This begins with the rape of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s army and its effect on two young people, soul-mates, who found themselves on opposite sides of the created divide.
With the untimely deaths of the two young people from the prejudice and hate that surrounded their love, an informational time-lock is created within and around them.
This time-lock cycles and recycles their own and their groups, reincarnations. The quantum energies imprisoning them could be broken only by the young girl and with a secret ‘Excalibur Soul Discipline' created long ago by a now evolved druid witch called Rhiannon, who once taught it to the ‘once and future king ’Arthur. Read an excerpt from the book: then buy it at: http://www.psi-aware.com