Article Two: The Quantum Ghost Universe

Continuing the series of articles on Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution
Dirac's Quantum Ghost Particles

Quantum Mind and soul Evolution is about personal development and success through evolving one’s mind and soul, so ensuring oneself as amongst the fittest to survive. However this ‘survival’ means rather more than it meant in the Darwinian Theory.

The majority of people knowing little of this and caring less do nothing to consciously evolve themselves, which results in lives of chaos, poverty and disease.

In this series of articles we’ll discuss the scientific-physical and the metaphysical implications of this ignorance, which are dire; as is evidenced in global warming, over-population and increasing pollution.

To science then: for before Einstein science believed there was only matter, and mind and spirit did not and could not exist. Einstein’s famous equation then told us that mass and energy are equivalent. Then we learned there is antimatter and during the years since our knowledge of what this means for us has evolved scientifically and metaphysically in tremendous leaps and bounds.

Though scientific evidence is strong for the existence of ‘ghost’ particles it doesn’t as yet prove anything of the existence of ghosts or an afterlife, both of which it doggedly refuses to accept.

It does however, using the ‘The Einstein Visualisation Formula’ I shared in the first article, give us ground to ponder.

There are two scientific facts to consider, Newton’s ‘classical mechanics’, which like Einstein’s Relativity, applies on the large scale but fails to apply in the small scale of ‘quantum mechanics’. In the Newtonian theory light travels as waves, whereas in the quantum model light coming out of atoms appears in a ‘quantized’ form, as a series of ‘quantum jumps’ across gaps that seem not to exist in our world but almost, as we will see, as if only the peaks of energy waves show in our ‘half a universe’ while the troughs exist in another ‘ghost’ half.

The history of antimatter is the second of our scientific facts to ponder for in 1928 a young physicist, Paul Dirac, wrote a strange but beautiful mathematical equation and followed this by explaining where his equation was leading. Bringing quantum physics into conformity with Einstein's special theory of relativity, his ‘Dirac Equation’ as it became known, proposed that anti-electrons should also exist. Mirror images, these particles with the same mass as the negatively charged electrons of our ‘half’ universe, would possess an opposite spin and electrical charge.

By combining quantum mechanics and Heisenberg’s wave theories used to describe the subatomic world with Einstein's special relativity (which tells us that nothing travels faster than light) through complex mathematics Dirac integrated these two disparate theories.

His deliberations led him to speculate that there could even be a mirror universe of antimatter, which lead me years later to a whole new theory of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.

Could Dirac’s work - predicting the existence of a quantum ‘ghost’ anti-particle universe - in any way explain our ghost realms? Is it even possible that those ghost realms are where our consciousnesses really exist, but are focused, narrowly, finitely, into this half ‘reality’ for the purpose of evolution? Could our quantum minds and souls also exist in those other ‘ghost’ realms, the other ‘half’ of our universe; and this being so, would this ‘other half’ be where we find ourselves after death?

It’s all supposition. Yet it’s not too difficult for us who believe we ‘sense’ ghosts to ponder on this possibility. And let’s face it most of us do sense ghosts though usually only with a cold, unreasoning shiver while trying our very best to deny and suppress it. I know I believed I was aware of ghosts as a small child but tried, through ridicule mostly, successfully on the whole, to suppress it for many years after.

But can we really interpret these scientific finding to fit into our own perceptions of a quantum ghost-world reality and our individually surviving death? That is a question worthy of deep research and thought.

Then there is the future: is it determined for us as science supposed in the past, or do we determine it for ourselves. Take this Dirac quote:

“People had got used to the determinism of the last century, where the present determines the future completely, and they now have to get used to a different situation in which the present only gives one information of a statistical nature about the future.”

For myself I’m quite happy with the future being a quantum mix of possibilities for it means I have the ability to choose my own future pretty much for myself.
However the quantum uncertainty of possibilities that make the future undetermined also contains quantum probabilities which determine outcomes to a great extent. This means of course that some things will be pretty much determined by the past regardless of us. However this is good, for it means the sun will rise tomorrow as it did today. Probabilities, as opposed to possibilities, bring a very necessary stability to life, such as the tides, the days, the seasons and much else.

Yet on the whole it also means that in a quantum universe it is we who decide most of the future and it is we who are able to acquire knowledge and so consciously chose the direction in which to evolve ourselves in mind and soul and so determine our own success in life and beyond.

Over the years many brilliant minds have realised this and so books abound on ‘The Secret’, ‘The Law of Attraction’, ‘The Law of Manifestation’ etc and I’ll expand on this knowledge to explain how we can all receive higher evolved knowledge from higher evolved minds right into our own minds almost on demand.

In the next few articles we’ll discover how to do this and why it’s so important.

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Tom Leigh has a master’s degree in metaphysics, degrees as master hypnotist, hypnotherapist and neuro linguistic programming and herbalism. Retired from practice and lecturing, he is now a writer and teacher of Quantum Mind and Soul Evolution.
His teaching novel: ‘The Rhiannon Blade’ backed up by ‘The Cosmic Net Course’, though set in the present time, explores the quantum mind and soul evolution of a group of people evolving through a four-hundred year period. This begins with the rape of Ireland by Oliver Cromwell’s army and its effect on two young people, soul-mates, who found themselves on opposite sides of the created divide.
With the untimely deaths of the two young people from the prejudice and hate that surrounded their love, an informational time-lock is created within and around them.
This time-lock cycles and recycles their own and their groups, reincarnations. The quantum energies imprisoning them could be broken only by the young girl and with a secret ‘Excalibur Soul Discipline' created long ago by a now evolved druid witch called Rhiannon, who once taught it to the ‘once and future king ’Arthur. Read an excerpt from the book: then buy it at: