By the 2020 census, 1.8 million people from Israel are below the poverty line. Hence, one in three families and one in five individuals are intrigues with financial hardships.

It is noteworthy that the numbers of poor are fewer as compared to what they used to be during 2010-13, as per the National Insurance Institute (NII). But the ones who have stayed poor since then have become poorer still.

These are discouraging facts. In 2017, 470 thousand families led a life of distress. This included 815 children.

The depth of poverty has enhanced by 4.4% for the year for these families. This is even while the total numbers of poor are lesser.

How is the poverty line defined? The poverty line is the monthly income of less than 3,500 Shekel for an individual or below 5,500 Shekel for a couple. Correspondingly, a family of four children should have a monthly income of over 10,000 Shekel, to be not considered a family in need.

Asaf Elblink is the man behind "HasdeiTikva", and is trying to aid the ones in need, with the assistance provided by the foundation through their activities.

State-rendered help has been insufficient

Even while the state renders assistance, closing in on the gap is difficult. The state has enabled provisions for poor, such as higher payments to seniors. But the efforts are insufficient to tackle the problems in entirety.

Poor health, low wages and being a misfit in the job market result in insufficient finances to lead a life of dignity. There are cases wherein the poor have become richer. But all the poor have not. Hence a disparity prevails among those well off and those not.

The condition of the poor in Israel is not nice and incites attention. Their lives are characterized by limited resources and shortages in day to day life. Fitting into society is difficult.

Dealing with poverty strains one out and reflects over an individual’s productivity. There are cases wherein only the privately funded organizations can help an individual overcome poverty.

Social workers and the involved parties help the poor get their lives back on track by finding employment and keeping up the assistance and aid. But the help rendered by the likes of Asaf Elblink and his foundation renders actual relief for the poor. The foundation makes consumer goods available. They also make aid available for education and development. This brings hope in the life of the poor.

"He who saves one soul": Hasdei Tikva foundation's activities

It is in Ramat Hasharon that the Hasdei Tikva Foundation, founded by Asaf Elblink is located. They hand out food packages and daily use products to the people weekly. The help they render is unbiased and based upon the individual’s financial condition.

Kids form a key focus area for rendering relief efforts. They hand out food to children after foundation programs and special activities are organized single parents and their children.

The activities may pertain to raising money for a private tutor and school supplies. At times, scholarships are granted, while trips are organized occasionally, to destinations such as Meymadion and Loona Park.

Senior citizens that are a part of Hasdei Tikva's support cycle also receive hot meals and food. At times, volunteers work to make seniors’ homes more livable, and invest in heaters or air conditioners for them or set up appliances.

Persistent help for families, the elderly and children

Asaf Elblink, a real estate person is the man behind the foundation. The foundation is named after Tikva Kortski’s son, who was also a close friend of Asaf. Asaf’s friend once told him that he wanted to have a charitable foundation in place to commemorate his mother.

Asaf elblink had already been supporting the people from Ramat Hasharon for two decades. He paid supermarket debts for them and brought groceries. Asaf elblink went ahead with the project instantly and founded 'HasdeiTikva' 20 years back, together with Yaakov Kortski.

Assaf elblink is now Ramat Hashron’s Deputy Mayor and oversees the foundation’s activities. Itzik Minch succeeded him as the head of the foundation. Since the inception of the foundation, they have looked to hire volunteers and expand their circle of operation.

Acts of charity and kindness by Assaf elblink and 'HasdeiTikva' foundation are praiseworthy. They highlight the foundation’s assistance towards the plight of the people from Ramat Hasharon.

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