Astral Projection: The Beginning
There is a difference between remote viewing and astral travel. I conduct workshops (Saloons) introducing astral travel and remote viewing so that people can learn the difference. There are still some who do not know there is a difference or they believe these types of 'states' are one of the same. They are not.

I for one am still in training with astral travel. I can remote view but have found willing myself to astral travel when I want to takes a bit more preparation and practice. In writing this hub I will focus on astral travel and share with important ways to prepare for the experience. I also invite anyone reading this hub who has astral traveled to share in their experiences with others and welcome their techniques. It's about sharing and giving to others so they too can be on their way to experience this wonderful state!

Note: Most common ways in which people astral travel is in lucid dreaming (when you consciously control a dream) and deep meditation.


There are a few things that need to be done in order to generate a successful astral travel experience.

1. An empty stomach is said to work better then with a full stomach. There are many energetic reasons for this (i.e. digestion of food requires energy focused in certain areas taking away from this exercise) but for me I realize I'm much more alert and focused when I'm attempting astral travel on an empty to almost empty stomach.

2. Relaxation. Very important to be in a relaxed state far removed from all your worrying thoughts. Body must be relaxed and for the most part, emotionally, you should be at peace. If you just finished having a debate or battle (!) with another person, this would not be the time to astral travel. For beginners anyway. So, it's imperative that you are in a sound state of mind, body and spirit. A good Swedish Massage works wonders before you begin!

3. Concentration. Like any other task at hand, you must be focused and concentration must be present. No day dreaming, or out of control thoughts at this point. Clearing your thinking head from all the days on-goings, all of what you need to do tomorrow, or thinking about the past can be left outside the room. I highly recommend meditation or any activity that can help clear your head: outdoor walk, yoga, gardening, cleaning (!), listening to Baroque Music to list a few things. Also, for those engaged in dream work, I strongly recommend not watching any sort of violence on television before you go to sleep. It's very important to be in a positive frame of mind, with minimum distraction.

4. Energy. You need enough clear energy to do this type of activity. To be relaxed yet not lethargic is the way to go. To have too much energy can take away from your concentration and focus. For those people preparing to have an astral travel experience through lucid dreaming, become cognizant of your energetic body before falling asleep. Expanding chakras at this point is very helpful.

5. Our Spirit Selves. Consciously triggering this spirit body to separate. There is another form of energy working along side us. There is your Ego Self and then there is a form of energy some call consciousness, spirit self. There is a difference. I directly came to realize that my ego self has a different consciousness and awareness. Somehow separate from this other conscious source in and around us protecting and guiding. This other source can help you notice things about what's going on within your body and help protect you 'out there'. This is the source, apart of you, which can travel.

For example, have you stopped in your tracks all of a sudden (while you were thinking about something else) and noticed you nearly were hit by a passing car? Or, have you ever said "I don't remember my drive over the past 15 minutes?" There is another form of energy, spirit energy I'll call it, which is apart of you- very aware and very conscious.

Another example I'll give is when I was working on my Mediumship work in England. We were to perform an exercise to prove there is another intelligent and conscious force operating alongside our wake, ego conscious state. That is, there is another source of energy working alongside us guiding us giving us information! The exercise was one where we closed our eyes and our instructor relaxed us through a guided meditation. After we were all relaxed, our eyes still closed, the instructor has asked us to focus on a part of our body 'we' (ego) believe needs healing or that has caused us chronic or acute pain. I personally began to focus on my stomach area as this was an area I knew caused me concern in the past and it's one I went straight for. Not long after I began to focus my attention on my stomach area that my throat began to ache. My throat felt irritated at this point, my stomach area silent. I couldn't believe it! Why was my throat area acting up? I tried to make sense of it while I tried to continue my focus on my stomach area! Upon instruction, we all began to come out of our mediative state and the instructor asked us about our experiences. Ninety percent of those in the room had experienced the same thing I did! They honed in on an area 'they thought' was pertinent but instead 'something else' took them into another area of their bodies. This is just one example (or proof) that there is another energetic form, fully aware, fully capable of communicating with you.

Taking each of these points together, it will prepare you for an OOBE or Astral Travel. For more information, I have added a few good sources which can help you take the next step after the preparatory work. Have fun!

P.S. Write to me about what you experience!

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