There are few myths so fascinating and so widespread in the world like vampires.Unlike other, it all the time is being updated and adapted to the constantly changing society. Like its protagonist, this myth refuses to die, and apparently, appears to be as immortal as death itself. Historically, astrology has adjudicated properties to signs, planets, or the relationship between planets. Now we will see the existing analogies between the vampire myth and dialectics that can occur between Venus and Pluto, and at another level, polarity between the Taurus/Scorpio. And ultimately, to discover what’s so important that these beings of the night want to tell us.

Probable birth of myth

Thousands of years ago, man was a competitor (among others) for the food available on the face of the planet. The difference between hunting and being hunted was minimal. It was perhaps a matter of luck, instinct and intelligence.

Surely, the cats or canines were our main source of concern, especially when night approach and we had to climb trees to protect us. Later, with the darkness and the beasts being "out there" posed a dangerous ground for the survival not only for individuals but for the species (given that humans 300,000 years ago were very scarce).

Sitting around a campfire and surrounding by the darkness, the various and howling sounds of nocturnal creatures awaken the imagination of our ancestors, creating ominous and fascinating stories. At the same time, terrifying creatures inhabited our dreams with dramatic and dark feelings.

Fear is the feeling that created the figure of vampire. So, atavistic fears and wants are encapsulated in this picture: fear of being devoured, fear of death, fear of the dark, devouring desire, desire for immortality, and so on.

It stands to reason that, ultimately, fear of being eaten has the same psychological burden that the desire to devour has.

On the other hand, blood has always been a symbol of life, while its absence denotes danger. The fear of being bitten by man or animal has not that much importanceasof the blood being a source of life has;it has also its symbolic value.

The practice of cannibalism has been widespread throughout the world. It is popular among Aztec, Maya, Amazonian and African tribes; and many other cultures have made use of it. Drink the blood of the enemy meant incorporating strength, courage, and to possess his/her spirit.

During the '80s and early '90s, (in sync with the entry of Pluto in Scorpio in November, 1983), the subject of AIDS, blood and modes of transmission was the concern to the whole society. It was a time when many books were published and premiered many vampire movies and series. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Coppola's Dracula, From dusk to dawn, Blade, Interview with the Vampire, etc.).

What is at stake in this myth is that it is as deep as life and death. One can realize that life can only be nourished by death, and that death makes life and creativity; also it is the most natural thing in the world.

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