Spirituality has a place for everyone. The spiritual maturity dimension varies from person to person depending on how much practice this spiritual achievement has been given. When the mind is intended to match both the analytical (rational and accuracy) and the spiritual (feelings, instincts, and creativity), most people tend to focus on one, but not the other. However, the reasons shift is all related to taking care of the physical body and overlooking their spiritual part. Although most people have some understanding of spirituality, the first dimension still holds a large number of them.

Individuals believe that glorifying God is how they attain spiritual growth. That’s a misguided judgment; to elevate yourself spiritually, you need to find your inner truth to move closer to God. The emotional truth within your center being is the peaceful, calm, loving, and kind self.

Spirituality is about finding your inner strengths. However, the vast majority are taught to give up these strengths to obey the limited rules imposed by old convictions. How often have you heard that God controls the conditions of your life and that you have no power over dealings of life? But if God manages what you got, then we can’t say that we are free beings. And either God can’t be a reasonable being since certain individuals are getting better deals than others. This conviction completely negates the relationship we have described with God.

We make our very existence based on the considerations, feelings, and activities we produce. The mass awareness is creating the conditions of the world in which we find ourselves. Most people who believe in heaven and hell; investigate the behavior of most individuals, how many of them are holy? Possibly a handful or perhaps none! Why isn’t that more? Since all continue to break the Ten Commandments in which they believe! So how many people do you think will go to heaven? No one knows that. They hang tightly to perceive what’s going to happen after they die.

God isn’t heartless to toss anyone in the flame; on this planet, there is heaven and hell. We create these kinds of conditions for ourselves and each other. Everybody is setting off to the spirit world after they die where there is only love. In this lifetime, the impact of thoughts, emotions, and actions are being transmuted back to us. Bad pulls bad and good pulls right. You pick!

Good conduct alone isn't sufficient to lift you spiritually. You may feel that the main thing that matters to your spiritual growth is your conduct. But, sorry to say it’s not working that way. The key to controlling your reality is your contemplations. Not many people pay attention to their thoughts. They believe thoughts are not making a difference. Thought, however, is the key to lifting your spiritual growth. Especially when mixed with feelings, it is difficult to control your thoughts at times. This is why the techniques of meditation are a decent exercise for control of thought.

We are here to raise our spiritual growth to a higher level in this world. To do this, we need to keep our thoughts, emotions, and behavior as positive as possible. And promote love, understanding, and kindness towards all that crosses our path. And only then will a higher level of spirituality be attained at that point.

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Katrin De Ocampo is a freelance writer from Davao City, Philippines. She loves to write articles with different niches.