By Diane Marie Pinkard

“Sales Success with Happiness and Heart”

It isn’t what you don’t know that is killing your selling success. Its: What you don’t’ know that you don’t know that is killing your selling success! This simple proclamation, packed with priceless wisdom, makes me think of a very successful business model in the marketplace today that I would like to share with you.

I bank with Wells Fargo Bank in Scotts Valley, CA and our bank has a wonderful young manager named Erik Nelson. To look at him he looks like a schoolboy, but he has the experience and wisdom of a man that is much older than he appears. I honestly don’t know his age, but whatever it is, he knows the “old school” secrets for customer service and sales success. And simply put, that is: Just treat people like they matter.

One day I asked Erik, “How do you know so much about how to treat people at such a young age?”

Erik replied: “That is simple for me to answer. It is doing what most young people don’t even think about or know to think about.” Such a simple response that truly targets the heart of the problem all businesses are struggling with today. But, this concern is certainly not an issue for our local branch of Wells Fargo Bank!

Yes, it is such fun to watch Erik and his staff in operation. When you walk through the door you immediately hear the pleasant buzzing of an energized staff happily serving their customers. Often you are greeted by one of the friendly team right at the door. Immediately, it is so easy to feel welcomed, comfortable, and right at home.

One of my favorite observations is: After an elderly woman comes into the bank to open a new account or service an existing account, I see a handsome young man escort her out to her car and open the door for her, then smile and wave as she drives away. Now, fancy that! And when is the last time you have seen such a gallant site in this new millennium, yourself?

Yes, despite his youth, Erik has got the intuition and foresight to know what these older clients are experiencing. He says, “Some of these ladies may be new to managing their money after their husband has passed away. And they may be feeling nervous and intimidated coming in alone for their banking needs, let alone being greeted by many young staff members to assist them.” He gets it that these dear older ladies need to feel safe and cared for in order for them to build trust in his bank and his staff. He knows they are looking at these young whipper-snappers in a cautious light, wondering if they are even old enough to drive to work.

Without a doubt, Erik and his staff live up to the business model that Henry Wells initiated back in 1864: “We have one very powerful business rule. It is concentrated in one word: ‘courtesy.’” And, without a doubt, this Wells Fargo team practice gracious manners and stellar customer service to all those, they serve each and every day!

So, how about I let you in on some of the easy secrets that make this bank a role model for all companies that employ a staff with many young people today:

• Never do I see staff members with a cell phone in their hand, checking their personal messages or texting

• Never do I see staff members carrying on their own private conversations with one another in public view, unless it relates to a client’s banking needs

• Never do I see staff members fulfilling their own private needs, such as applying lipstick, primping, snacking, or drinking (in fact, I see no cups or bottles of any sort on desks or counters)

• Never do I hear staff on the phone enjoying their own private conversations – if a personal call comes in when a bank member is with a client, the exchange is extremely short and arrangements are made to speak when the time is right – NOT while dealing with a client

• Never do staff members bore you with conversation about their personal life, problems, or drama

• This staff comes to work and leaves their life at the door (unless there is some issue or event that is appropriate to share)!

• Very often: You are greeted at the door by a staff member – with friendly words, a warm smile, or kind gesture

• This staff has one purpose and one purpose only: To serve you!


• They are engaging and they interact with “happiness and heart”

• They are keenly sensitive, aware, and “present” – in the moment – for you and your banking needs!

• Ladies are nicely groomed and men are fit and polished

• They make sincere eye contact

• They call you by name, as fast as they learn them

• They ask a question or two about how your day is going

• Best of all, they listen to your response and comment back to you in a caring and interactive manner

• They demonstrate excellent manners and social graces

• Most impressive of all: All staff members that work from a desk and are not with a customer, are constantly paying attention to the customer line

• The minute the line builds up, they are up, out of their seats, and right over to assist you with your banking needs

• Also, unreal for this day and age: If an issue is not resolved in the bank at the time of service, and they say they will need to call you, they will call you – they follow through

• They pay attention to your accounts and if they have a product that might better fit your needs, they bring it to your attention

• But you never feel “sold to;” you feel taken care of

• Yes, it is all about the experience, and, that pleasure doesn’t get any better than doing business with Wells Fargo Bank in Scotts Valley, CA!!

Now, do you see what Erik’s professional organization is all about? They are about treating people like they matter. They are about “courtesy. “ And they understand what makes people want to do their business with them.

I highly suggest: If you live in our local area and you are a sales professional, customer service specialist, or a business owner, it’s worth your time and effort to go up to Scotts Valley and make this professional observation for yourself! And, if you can’t make a personal visit, I plan to teach you, and to teach you to teach your staff, so you can achieve the success of this enjoyable Wells Fargo branch.

I hope you will enjoy my series of blogs that will be coming, shortly. And, if I am missing any other stellar qualities for customer service or a sales professional’s success, please feel free to inform me of your topic and I will add it to my list.

Author's Bio: 

Diane Marie Pinkard “Sales Success with Happiness and Heart,” believes that society is experiencing yet another major, social paradigm shift —that people are once again appreciating the value of caring and trusting “interpersonal relations” in both the corporate world and the marketplace. She maintains that “People buy people, and they buy best from people who treat them like they matter.”

Diane teaches that successful selling is not only about closing the sale, it’s also about building quality relationships, rich connections and loyal trust—first with yourself and then with your customers. Diane’s passion lies in the “Business of Human Relations.” Her love for teaching and selling ultimately evolved into her own personal study about human dynamics and what makes people tick. She has launched and operated three successful businesses and has earned the reputation of being an accomplished professional in a number of sales arenas.

Diane is available for speaking engagements, training and consultation, upon request. Please visit her Web site: You can contact her at: 866-552-2510, or through her email: