Attracting a relationship using a vision board is a hot topic.
Today, Mothers day, I was very happy remembering this huge blessing, that manifested for me in 1994, in the area of dream relationships. I still love rejoicing in the "tipping point' / quantum leap that has brought me to this day and the ability to share with you, my story.

It's 16 years since the weekend just before I met, my "Dream come true husband" Rand. For me that time really was " the darkness before the dawn."

It was a rough weekend I was very sad, as is common when you are alone and attending a family celebration
like Mothers day, Easter or Christmas. The reason why I was so sad, was that it seemed all my Mind Power and Treasure Mapping... now called Vision Board, focus was still not manifesting for me. I had manifested so much that was wonderful but still not my biggest most important dream... my life partner.

I had created my "ideal relationship Vision Board, Treasure map," 3 years earlier and was extremely diligent with my focus and my actions, but getting a little impatient.

The secret to the secret is to maintain focus on what you want, not on what you don't want and to continue to take actions that will inevitably get you to your dream destination as represented on your personalized Vision Board.

But my dream man, was still no where to be found, not even a hint that he was on his way to me and as you can well imagine, it can be tough maintaining focus on what you want, when reality stubbornly, just doesn't shift.

But then... it happened - the quantum leap into this reality.

The very next day, he called - it was a blind date set up by a friend - we met May 12 and yes!... 3 days later May 15 we were engaged. Married in October 1994. And I have been happily loving life ever since! My Dreams manifested bigger and better than I had imagined possible and they still are unfolding magnificently, to this very day from that original Vision board that I created in faith and hope back in 1991.

The Vision board is a powerful manifesting tool, because it works passively at the subconscious level as well as actively the conscious level. Even if you are not as diligent as I was, doing my Mind power exercises most days, it will still work for you.

For some people just creating their Vision Board is the tipping point for them to start living the life of their dreams.

The energy has been created, they have taken focused actions and maybe even struggled for a while, growing, developing, learning what works and what doesn't work... and once they add the visual component... Voila! Reality shifts! The puzzle pieces all fit together and "synchronicity kicks in"... unrelated events suddenly become meaningful co -incidences and you are living your dream life! It happens more often than you may realize, there are many Vision Board achievers, just like me (for 16 years now) who have been living fabulous lives.

This happy ending... no this happy beginning is a testimony to the power of Vision Boards and the awesome "tipping point."

Like Winston Churchill said,"never, never, never, never give up..." you don't know when you will make a quantum leap into the reality you have been working towards. You don't know - your dream life may be around the next corner.

And after the initial excitement wears off - it will seem like it was always this way - it will be so natural to you, you will feel like it was always waiting for you, and it is.

Love your dreams, enjoy your vision board, create it with respect and love it, as it is the the future you are moving towards and soon you will be living your dreams and visions.

Now you can use a Vision board to create your dream relationship.
Happy Mothers Day to all.

2010 Barbara Pellegrino - All Rights Reserved.

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From the reefs of Australia to the rainbows of Hawaii Barbara is a renowned Vision Board Success Trainer, Author and Transformational Life Coach. She presents her workshop, Vision Boards & Treasure Mapping Your Way to Success, in Hawaii. Mainland USA and Internationally. She is renowned for teaching people HOW to make dreams come true using, Practical, Powerful, Proven Vision Board and Coaching Techniques for rapid and successful manifesting