Money is one of those subjects EVERYBODY is IN on, in one way or another. Like the O’Jays sing, “For The Love Of Money, Money, Money, MONAAY!!!! Some people have to have it; some people really need it; people will steal from their mothers; people will rob their own brothers; a woman will sell her precious body for that mean, mean, mean green…money machine.” (You can check this song out on YouTube). It’s one of those oldies, but goodies, that has a lot to say about how ‘money thinkers with distorted thoughts’, operate.

However, let’s evaluate our own thoughts about money and how you and I think about it. Take into account, that this flimsy green piece of paper, can make some people literally lose their minds, behind nothing more than paper. The KEY to it’s power is YOU. The ENERGY that YOU project around the paper, is what’s MOST important, of all.

When you have people who WORSHIP money or are totally OBSESSED with ‘the paper’; their ENERGY around money is very negative. They will steal, lie, cheat, hurt or kill people because that green paper is SO SO SO important to them; much more important than even life, itself.

When you have people who’s ENERGY around money is to do whatever it is they can to help others, like feeding their families, feeding the homeless, paying someone else’s rent, or putting clothes on kids who have little to nothing; the ENERGY around ‘that green paper’ is overwhelmingly positive.

So, ALL we’ve heard and learned about money throughout life has basically focused on money being BAD. It’s not the money, honey! It’s how WE look at it; it’s how WE think about it; it’s how WE use it, as a BENEFIT or DETRIMENT to ourselves and others. It’s time to STOP placing blame on ‘the green paper’. Paper doesn’t think. Paper doesn’t tell us what to do. Paper doesn’t cry, laugh or have emotions. It’s just paper, people!

That old saying, ‘money is the root of all evil’, is misguided, misplaced, misstated, or dead wrong, because the actual saying is actually ‘the LOVE of money is the root of all evil’ is more like what I was saying earlier. It fits in the category, when LOVE (in this distorted thinking) means OBSESSION and a WILLINGNESS to do absolutely anything to get money. It, then, becomes extremely BAD ENERGY; even though it’s not the money, itself. It’s the irrational, irresponsible obsessed-minded person creating that kind of ENERGY around the money.

A person who uses money responsibly for their families, gives money to their church efforts, who sends money to charities and situations that ELEVATE their families, friends, neighbors, and other world citizens, are using POSITIVE ENERGY around money. It’s FINANCIALLY HEALTHY to want an ‘army of these WHOLE-FOCUSED money-conscious people’ in our society.


It’s SPIRITUAL because it’s YOUR HIGHER SELF and your DECISIONS on how to use it. It’s YOUR ENERGY! ENERGY, ENERGY, & MORE ENERGY. It's what the entire Universe is surrounded by and made of. The Spiritual part of us is linked to THAT and linked to BEAUTY and the FINANCIAL FREEDOM to do astounding things in the world. The Spiritual part of us is linked to PEACE, JOY, LOVE, & a HEALTHY mindset. Only the small EGO-self identifies with LIMITATIONS. Do you really think the dynamic, omnipresent SPIRIT inside of you, embraces LACK or NOT ENOUGH? It ONLY does, if you identify with the EGO and fail to TRUST your own INNER Divinity.

The REAL YOU, the DIVINE SPIRITUAL BEING, who resides inside and outside of you, is the epitome of wealth, from the inside, out. When you’re EXPANDING, your SPIRIT ENERGY from within, your SPIRIT ENERGY moves outward (remember the song, “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine?”) ‘That little light’ displays itself to others as your Spiritual Being. As I mentioned in another Article I wrote several weeks ago, “you’re a Human BEING; not a Human DOING”. A Human BEING allows the Spiritual self to emerge…”Be STILL and know that I AM God”. Some of you may get this; some of you may not. When you’re LETTING your LITTLE LIGHT SHINE, you’re kind, loving, peaceful, generous, and sharing (on all levels possible).

When these qualities are showing and manifesting in a truly AUTHENTIC way (in front of the public’s eyes) money starts to find YOU, instead of YOU looking for the MONEY.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: When you see people who’ve inherited GREAT wealth from a family, or seen someone win a HUGE lottery, and the recipient turns around and uses this money recklessly, nine times out of ten, that GREAT wealth will be lost. UNIVERSAL ENERGY IS ALWAYS WORKING. When people STEAL like Pros, UNIVERSAL ENERGY is STILL working, and eventually that person ends up PAYING (on many levels) for STEALING money, as the UNIVERSE has UNIVERSAL LAWS that NO ONE can escape. Outside appearances aren’t always what they seem, when you’re looking in.

When people SAVE WELL, INVEST WELL, and watch how their money is being handled, UNIVERSAL ENERGY will WORK WITH THEM, on their behalf. This is the HEALTHY way; and a HEALTHY mindset, about money.

When people think about money ALL THE TIME and HOW TO GET IT (and they’re not necessarily a dishonest person or a person who attains things through criminal acts), yet they have little money and/or live in poverty, the UNIVERSAL ENERGY is working, based on LACK. Thinking about money for money’s sake, and not thinking about HEALTHY ways to use it…INVESTING, SAVING, HELPING OTHERS, etc., the UNIVERSAL ENERGY and UNIVERSAL LAWS can only work with the THOUGHTS we have AND that person’s LACK OF ACTION.

So, money is VERY, VERY SPIRITUAL! Money’s ATTRACTION or REPULSION comes from the depths of your SOUL. It’s based on ENERGY, UNIVERSAL LAWS, UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES and how you ARE or ARE NOT aligned with these principles.

Also, this does NOT mean you have to (work like a maniac) to make money, either. Working FOR MONEY will NEVER get you close to WEALTH. It does mean, you must work SMARTER and not HARDER, and you must HAVE A PASSION for what you’re GIVING AWAY to the world. If you don’t have A PASSION for what you do; your success rate is going to be WAY down toward the bottom of the money scale. It also means you MUST have a STRATEGY, to allow the UNIVERSE..THE HIGHER SELF…THE SPIRIT within you, to EMPOWER YOUR WORK, as it works WITH you, to make it happen.

If you didn’t already know, the saying that distinguishes the RICH from the POOR is: “Poor people WORK FOR MONEY; rich people let MONEY WORK FOR THEM”.

I understand most poor people or middle class people (by American definition) believe they NEVER have enough money to INVEST in something that will make money for them, so this is why it’s equally important to have a REAL STRATEGY. If you only have a little money, FIND a way, or CREATE a way, to make some INVESTMENT money that can help you LAUNCH your PASSIONS. EVERY PERSON ON EARTH has skills, talents, brains and abilities, that can SOLVE challenges or UPLIFT the planet. Find out or DISCOVER what your INDIVIDUAL STRENGTHS happen to be, and put that money-making STRATEGY to work, ASAP!

Most people LOVED specific things when they were young. Remember back to when you were younger and ask yourself “What was I good at?” “What made me happy?” What can I do with that to help someone else?” There’s at least 100 ways to look at situations, and perceive a skill that can help others; not just ONE way. If you can play ball, you don’t HAVE to be in the NFL; you can help injured veterans learn to play from wheelchairs. If you can sell; you don’t have to SELL something, you can teach elementary school kids HOW TO SELL themselves, in the world, whereby it gives them a head start in life. If you know how to ORGANIZE, how many people need that service? I can think of at least 50 people I know personally, who could use some help organizing something, ANYthing!!! Get CREATIVE, EXPAND your mind, EXPAND your vision. GET QUIET and let the TRUE THOUGHTS emerge, from within. Find the ‘money stream’ SCREAMING to get out of your HIGHER SPIRIT!!!

Aren’t you TIRED of WORKING FOR MONEY? Then flip the script! Start reading SUCCESS books! Look at MOTIVATIONAL/SUCCESS-oriented YouTube videos. Find out how others made it from SCRATCH and still made it work. This kind of material is EVERYWHERE in 2019! EVERY FREAKIN’ WHERE!!! If you can’t find it, you’re not looking.

My own personal STRATEGY is TOTALLY in operation, right now! My Passion is WRITING FOR YOU! And I DON’T PLAN TO STOP! My money STRATEGY is in OPERATING mode, as well! So, don’t feel all alone. I’m in this ‘game of life’ RIGHT ALONG with you, guys! I’ve known about these principles for DECADES, however, I’ve just never put the plan into action, until NOW!


There are hundreds and thousands of holistic (whole body) healers, right here in America, alone. Many of these healers just want to help and uplift as many people as possible. Many of those healers are not BUSINESS people, so they struggle to pay their own bills, even while helping others emotionally and physically, everyday.

What if more of these healers had better access to money, or had people who could run their businesses for them? If this would happen, there would be more uplifting, conscious people with the FINANCIAL FREEDOM they need to be even more effective and powerful. Many of them are learning how to make this happen, in the last decade or so. If you’re good at accounting, find some healers, who need your help. How about that?

Currently, money seems to be in the hands of people who have little to NO COMPASSION or no conscience for other Human Beings. Don’t get me wrong, there are SOME wealthy, conscious people out there, who actually do help significantly. We simply need MORE of them; not the ones who are ONLY steeped in SELF-CENTEREDNESS & GREED. Money can be a powerful tool for good, when we choose to focus on that.

MORE money in the hands of HIGHLY DEVELOPED PEOPLE who care about us can CATAPULT our world into a glowing EXAMPLE OF SUPREME LEADERSHIP that would be second to none.

VISIONARYLEAD.ORG talks about how money started and how it serves in a Divine Circulatory Flow: “The word money is from the Roman fertility goddess Moneta, an aspect of Juno, in whose temple, the first money was minted. Money is part of God’s Energy and is a sacred trust to be used wisely for both ourselves and the good for all.”

They go on to talk about how money is an ENERGY that communicates between all things, in a way to see if we’re applying our highest values in all our transactions. They claim that what you see in your BANK STATEMENT shows you what you’re focused on, with your own LIFE ENERGY.

They even talk about how one of your 7 Energy Chakras, within your body, is equivalent to your Sexual Chakra Center, which is also attached to your money center. (If you’re unfamiliar with Chakras, I will write an article on it soon. It’s difficult to explain Chakras, without doing an entire article on it). Therefore, if your Sexual/ Money Chakra is having challenges, it affects your money, as well. (The future Article will also explain how to OPEN UP these Energy points in the body for a better flow of money in your life).

Advertisers, according to visionary, are very familiar with the Sexual Chakra, and this is why they are always using SEX to SELL a product. They know a LOT more than we think they do, about the spiritual workings, within.

Some of the Circulatory Flow principles that espouses is when your thoughts include a larger community than your own, and how that opens up a Magnetic divine flow of ATTRACTION that allows your money to GROW and EXPAND. They say when you RELEASE and GIVE AWAY things that you no longer need or use, it creates a vacuum for money to flow back to you, as well, as this is The Universal Law of Circulation, in effect. They also state that giving money freely for good causes and spiritual purposes redeems you from past negative karma, regarding money. Bless your donations, as this helps to PURIFY any negativity, surrounding it. says to invite ABUNDANCE and to raise your vibrations by eliminating repelling statements about money. They say your word is your command, so PAY your BILLS with gratitude, and be grateful for EVERYTHING, because being grateful opens you up to RECEIVING. After that, they say to FOCUS the DESIRED ENERGY on what you want to do with the money; not on the money, itself, emphasizing not to ask from a place of LACK, because lack lowers your vibration. They encourage you to replace lower thoughts with higher THOUGHT and higher vibrations, as HIGHER VIBES attract money.

The MindValley blog website ends with a powerful statement, saying “Realize that MONEY is ENERGY, and in our world, you must GIVE to RECEIVE.” This does NOT mean that you must run around giving money away. You can give your TIME, your ENERGY, your WISDOM, your TALENT and your SKILLS. These are ALL valuable and unique ways of RISING to GREATNESS. How READY are you to build GENERATIONAL wealth, and exactly WHEN do you plan to get started?

Author's Bio: 

aneska Smith Asante was born in New York, New York on a frigid winter night in November. Her mother had gone to New York to keep her pregnancy a secret from her parents, even though she was at least 26 years old. To hide her pregnancy, even further, she weighed the idea of throwing Janeska over the Brooklyn Bridge, for at least 24 hours. However, she couldn’t do it, and less than a month later, Janeska ended up living with her Cherokee grandmother, on a steep hill, in a great little yellow house, smack dab in the middle of the country…Omaha, Nebraska.

Her grandmother was a diabetic and she was often sick; so before even attending school, Janeska’s grandmother taught her to grow herbs and food in the garden. She taught her how to wash dishes, clean the house, and wash clothes. At 4-years-old, she was responsible for giving her grandmother Diabetes shots and putting her to bed with HER doll (who happened to be larger than Janeska).
All of her grandmother’s friends, became Janeska’s friends. They were all over 80 and looked at Janeska as their helper and their pathway to healing. Everyday, she was creating herbal concoctions (from the garden) and preparing them for her grandmother’s friends.

There were no children who lived in her grandmother’s neighborhood. So, Janeska just read health and healing books (most of the day) that came from her grandmother’s church, the Sharon Seventh Day Adventist Church of Omaha.

Janeska thought this was normal, for kids, since she didn’t have anything to compare it to, yet.

Her granddad was a Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) minister and health and healing was a HUGE topic in the SDA Church Community. Her grandmother didn’t really pay much attention to the Health aspect as she should, yet Janeska absolutely LOVED this information. She thought that the food part of the Adventist teachings were fabulous and  she spent every chance she got reading and experimenting with the herbs and remedies taught (from the Bible, from Jethro Kloss, from Ellen G. White, and other ‘whole body teachers’ of our time.

She was healing the elderly before she entered nursery school and she realized she came here with a gift and a knowledge far beyond her years. She even kept her grandmother from getting her leg cut off that doctors insisted must happen, simply from what she knew and studied, at the ripe old age of 4.

This is HOW it all started. Throughout the rest of her life, she continued to research and practice what she knew. After graduation from the University of Nebraska, with a degree in Journalism, she tripled her research and study, helping many people along the way. After that, she became Certified in Hypnotherapy & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). She added an emotional component of her healing practice, which many people don’t realize is at the core of their illnesses.

Janeska is also a Self Realization Fellowship member, founded by Paramahansa Yogananda, who initiated and taught Mahatma Ghandi Kriya Yoga and meditation, which is also a huge part of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection she uses when it comes to health and healing. She became a Kriya Yoga initiate, like Ghandi, in 2018.

She created a Customized Chart for clients and others, to see what areas they need help in. She sends the chart out through email and does online sessions for whomever requests it.

Once she analyzes the Chart, she gives recommendations in all areas of one’s being…Mind, Body & Spirit, so each person is guided to the right things to do to correct inharmonies in the body.

Over the last 3 - 4 decades, Janeska has created a wide range of skills. She’s the author of 3 books (revolving around health and politics), wrote news for KABC (American Broadcasting Company), been a researcher of Mind, Body, Spirit Health, done Event Planning and Produced Events, been a former assistant editor for Essence Magazine, and founded ‘It’s All Connected, Inc.’, a Mind, Body, Spirit Company, which is currently spreading its message of self-healing and inner joy, to all those souls in search of these things.