In the web development world and javascript world, we’ve seen a lot of paradigms come and go. But one paradigm has stuck around: the single-page web application. AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks backed by Google, and it offers quick, easy development of rich, client-side applications by the use of declarative two-way data binding. AngularJS is used by popular companies like Amazon and Pluralsight.

Whereas, the Aurelia framework was released a couple months prior to Angular 2, and also serves as a great choice of SPA framework with a quickly growing audience. Aurelia, has become a popular choice for rich, client-side applications. Aurelia targets the same problem space as AngularJS. However, Aurelia uses a modern approach to ease development and solve a lot of the problems that plagued AngularJS.

So What’s the difference between Aurelia and Angular? Before starting comparison, let us see What is Angular and What is Aurelia?

Aurelia was backed by Durandal Inc and was licensed under the MIT license. It is an open-source framework and provides great rendering speed, very good memory efficiency, unidirectional data flow which is safer, higher standards of compliance, greater integration compatibility with different other platforms or frameworks. Deloitte, Chegg, dev and many such popular companies make use of Aurelia. Here are some of the features of Aurelia-

Broad Language Support
Two-Way Databinding
Routing & UI Composition

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