Authentic :
1. Of undisputed origin; genuine.
2. Conforming to fact and therefore worthy of trust, reliance, or belief

We hear this term so often in this world of ours as we become increasingly aware of the need to know ourselves and achieve life balance. How can you tell if some-one really is authentic or the real-deal?
A person who practices what they preach has an authentic life, and the fruit of their labours will be visible to all. People who come into contact with them will utilise their energy to make life-long changes, not experience brief spurts of excitement after identifying with them. They build long term relationships founded on mutual respect, and not short term alliances that crumble.
The growth in their own lives will motivate others to live authentically, and generate loads more positivity in this world of ours. Their calmness attracts others and they sing the song of the victor and not the victim.