You’ll achieve your goals quickly, easily, almost magically when you can get your Conscious and your Subconscious mind to agree on what you want. Have you ever successfully pulled off an event involving more than two people? Whether you planned a simple thing like a picnic or as difficult as a wedding, you used the same goal setting mechanism.

When you have a clear picture of the outcome you wish to achieve, you’ll automatically take all of the right actions to make it a reality. Sometimes it seems that you do it easily, with very little effort on your part. That’s because your conscious and your subconscious were in harmony.

What do you do if your Subconscious and your Conscious disagree? It happens all the time. You struggle every step of the way. Maybe you feel as though all the forces of the universe are working against you. But when you can resolve the disagreement, then everything falls into place and runs smoothly again.

Start with a clear picture!
What would happen if you told everyone you know "Let's watch a movie next week!" You don’t give any more information. What movie? What day? What time? Your movie night would not work out well at all, would it? You need to be clear. The less confusion, the better the night will be! Of course, no one plans their social life like this.

But more often than not, that’s how people plan to achieve their major goals in life!

"I want to have more money"
"I want to lose weight."
"I want to go on a trip."

It’s easy to see why people fail. The clearer your goal, the faster you will achieve it.

Don’t say you want more money. Say precisely how much you want and the exact date that you want it. Your outcome should be measurable. A goal to make an extra $5000 by the end of the year is a lot better than a goal to be “more patient”. Everyone has a different idea of what “rich” means, but there can be no mistake what $50,000 means.

Stop sabotaging yourself
If you have a clear specific goal and you still have trouble achieving it, then chances are you’ve got some kind of barrier in your way. You are sabotaging yourself somehow.

Perhaps your goal was to reach your ideal weight and all of a sudden you crave more fatty foods than ever. That’s a sure sign of an emotional roadblock.. One side of your mind tells you to eat sensibly, but the other side shouts “Give me food!"

If it is a battle of will, your Subconscious will win every time. You must clear that barrier before you will reach your goal.

One way to get back on track is to use visualization. Relax and unwind for a minute or two. Then see yourself enjoying the benefits of having reached your goal.

Reprogram your mind
The more you hold your success picture in your mind, the more you will bring your Subconscious into alignment with what you really want. Keep your eye on the target and you’ll soon take all of the right actions without struggling.

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