Selenium is really a suite of instruments: Selenium IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Selenium Grid and Selenium Standalone Server. Today, we will concentrate on Selenium WebDriver, otherwise called Selenium 2.0 or only WebDriver, as it is an exceptionally well known and incredible computerization apparatus for web applications.

Selenium WebDriver for Beginners:-

The web application showcase is enormous and seriously focused. To have the capacity to present a great application item to the market at a sensible value, it is critical to work with powerful test mechanization instruments, ideally open source. This is the reason, out of numerous program mechanization apparatuses accessible in the market, open source Selenium wound up prevalent inside a limited capacity to focus time. Selenium is included selenium training in Bangalore numerous parts, and Selenium WebDriver is the most recent segment added to Selenium.

What is Selenium?

We should begin with understanding what Selenium is. Selenium is an instrument for mechanizing programs, which implies that Selenium influences programs to execute directions as indicated by your situation. This is the reason it's the ideal instrument for web application testing, however you are not restricted to simply that.

What is Selenium WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver is a free, open-source, versatile programming testing system for testing web applications. It gives a typical application programming interface (API) for program computerization. Truth be told, Selenium WebDriver is a library that you call from your code, which executes your directions on your preferred program.

Selenium WebDriver can keep running on Windows, Linux and macOS stages. Tests for Selenium WebDriver can be written in any of the programming dialects bolstered by the Selenium venture, including Java, C#, Ruby, Python, and JavaScript (named Bindings).

How does Selenium WebDriver function?

To see how WebDriver functions, how about we take a gander at a case of a taxi drive. At the point when a taxi arranges is in process, 3 fundamental on-screen characters interface:

• the client, who offers guidelines to the driver on the best way to reach to the ideal goal,
• The driver, who as indicated by the client's direction offers directions to the vehicle utilizing the wheel, pedals, and so on.
• And at long last, the vehicle, which executes the directions of the cab driver.

Also as on account of the client offering rules to the driver, the testing engineer gives directions through the API given by WebDriver ties (compose a code) to the WebDriver. At that point, as the cab driver gives directions to the vehicle, WebDriver passes the directions to the internet browser. At long last, the program, similar to the vehicle, pursues the directions and returns the outcomes.

Selenium WebDriver Architecture:-

The Selenium WebDriver Architecture comprises of a dialect explicit customer, a Selenium independent server, and program explicit driver. The design is straightforward to the clients.

To begin with, the client composes tests in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), utilizing the dialect explicit customer gave API of her/his decision. These incorporate Java, C#, Python, Ruby, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. At that point the construct code will speak with the Selenium

Independent server, which will forward the client directions to the program explicit driver, for example, the Chrome Driver for Google Chrome, or Gecko Driver for Firefox. The program driver dispatches the program to play out the directions and after that profit a reaction.

Scripting with Selenium WebDriver:-

Your Selenium code utilizes the Selenium WebDriver library. Here are the absolute most imperative and essential WebDriver directions to put in your content:

• Browser Commands - get, getTitle, getCurrentUrl
• Browser Navigation Commands - back, forward, to, invigorate
• WebElement Commands - clean, click, getText, sendKeys
• FindElements Commands - findElement() with param as locator or inquiry question

Remember, this is anything but a full rundown of WebDriver capacities, yet it is as of now enough to selenium training in Marathahalli computerize a major piece of your site business cases. For instance, how about we envision we have a login page with a username (class username), secret phrase fields (class pass) and a login catch (id login), and we have to watch that the client can login and that the following page's title is "Achievement".

WebDriver Advantages:-

• It's free and open source
• Binding is accessible for some, dialects, similar to Java, C#, Ruby, Python and Groovy, NodeJs
• Supports every working framework
• Can be effortlessly coordinated with Gradle and Maven
• Can be incorporated with CI devices like Jenkins
• Has a huge network for making inquiries and support

WebDriver Disadvantages:-

• Non-recalcitrant haphazardly created components like CAPTCHA picture are difficult to test
• The test build has to know the programming dialect upheld by Selenium official
• It is just for web applications
• No revealing component out of the case
• No revealing component for document transfer out of the container
• Speed - mammoth tests are not quick as a matter of course (this can be formed from the code side)

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