Termites are a real nuisance, and if left uncontrolled for a period, it could wreak havoc, devastating everything it comes in contact with. These pesky little pests live in large colonies who in a very short span can multiple from 60,000 to 1 Million.

What’s worse is that, despite being so massive in number, they go undetected- right underneath the foundations of your home walls. This makes it very difficult for a homeowner to find them and treat them properly.

Speaking of treatment, a lot of homeowners tend to make some silly mistakes that end up costing them dearly. And though all of them would be difficult to put it up here, here’s indexing three common ones.

Experimenting With DIY Pest Control

DIY approaches and experiments are very predominant in Perth. Not that it is a good thing, a lot of homeowners try their hand (and luck). But most of the times, they either fail or ruin it completely.

To control pests, especially termites, they use strong chemicals, sprays and powders to those highly affected areas. Little do they know that all they are doing is hiding or suppressing their pest problems- while it gets worse.

Don’t try out meaningless DIY experiments. Instead, the best foot forward would be to consult with distinguished pest and building inspections in Perth with plenty of prior experience about such operations.

These agencies consist of quality pest control materials and result-oriented approaches to eradicate this issue and save lots of money in the process.

Opting For Unqualified Pest Control Agencies

Improper building and termite inspections in Perth can bring about thousands of dollars of property damage. So, best prevent it by checking the credentials of the chosen inspection company.

Check if they are certified by the state’s Agricultural Department. For proof, seek their certificate, with other factors like the reputation of the company, the level of training and experience of their inspectors and the customer-pleasing record.

Simply put-if one is ready to spend decent money for a comprehensive building and timber pest inspection in Perth; one might as well associate with a distinguished agency.

Blindly Relying On Brand Name Without Reading The Fine Prints

This is another common mistake which many homeowners commit when choosing companies offering pest and home inspections in Perth is not referring to their fact sheet. Without reading their long-term continuity service or cross-checking their straightforward service guarantees, they sign the deal.

Don’t make this mistake. Always research about the agency and that includes going through their fine prints on their contracts.

Final Words:

Termites along with wood borers and wood decay can cause significant damage to the sub-floor, interior spaces, perimeter facing, roof cavity, etc.

But the good news is that many inspection companies provide combined property and timber pest inspections at a price bracket of Au$ 450-Au$500.

So, rather than making the mistakes that everyone does, be smart and consult with experts of a reputed inspection agency ASAP and fix up a meeting straight-away.

Author's Bio: 

The author is an experienced timber pest inspection specialist in Perth for years. With that, the author is also a skilled writer and educates the readers on the importance of professional and timely home inspections in Perth.