Nothing compares to a gummy smile that lights up a room. And on second thought, there is nothing like the first signs of a baby tooth that elicit applause from all loved ones. But teething is a bitter experience for most.

There is no pattern for when the baby will start teething. It is unknown how long the process will take or how painful the experience will be. For some, it can happen overnight, while for others it can take a long time. Some are actually born with teeth. Yes, of course, parents find it a bit confusing. While others may not show signs until late.

This teething process is usually hereditary. If the parents were bitten before, their child is likely to follow the same. Babies can start as early as three months or it can take a full year. The sooner the better because around four months’ babies begin to feed on solids. Then having a few teeth will come in handy. Parents should take care of the teething process of their little ones. Buy Best silicone teether wholesale

There are many pain relief options available today for babies going through teething. And most parents agree to try them. One such option is baby teething toys. They are also hygienic for your little ones. And by the time they reach their second birthday, this painful experience will have ended with twenty sets of temporary teeth.

Baby teething toys are available in three types. For the early stages of babies, when no teeth come in, there are soft types available. They are colorful and great fun to play with. They also calm babies. They are usually shaped like an animal or something that makes soothing sounds.

When their gums start to bother them, some toys can be chilled in your refrigerator and they can be chilled. They are actually filled with sterile water. Your baby will love to chew it because the chill will bring a lot of relief to his tiny gums. It is a favorite among all parents.

Teething rings are given to babies who finally have a tooth. They are hard for a baby to chew on. They are made of silicone and are absolutely safe for babies. They have a handle that is easy to hold. Some also give a massage action.

Today, markets are filled with a huge selection of teething products. They are eye-catching and can be carefully researched before buying. Take your child and let him choose from the wide selection of baby teethers. And stay hassle-free knowing the fact that your child will no longer nibble on unhealthy stuff.

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