The role of a bank clerk is very important in a bank. They carry out almost all the the functions in the bank. This makes it a high demand career option. Banking sector offers a large variety of jobs; however the majority of youth is inclined towards the post of bank clerk. IBPS is a recruiter of banks, which conducts exams every yeaer for various posts. This year, it wil be conducting CWE for clerical posts and post of bank po. It is a common exam which would include 19 public sector banks which are well known in the banking sector.
Bank clerks work behind the scene but are very vital for the smooth functioning of a bank.A bank cannot function properly without their support as bank clerks are required in every department from handling the customers to recording the loan related information. Bank clerk exams, are conducted in every bank where candidates in strength of thousands appear for the exam but only a few most deserving candidates are chosen for the interview level; which further refines down for the final recruitment. Here are some of the characteristics of a bank clerk:
Bank deals with confidential information. Therefore, one has to keep record of all the information related to the bank. It involves everything from Cheque being cashed out to loan being taken from the bank. This important function is carried out by a bank clerk.
There are different types of bank clerks in a bank like a statement clerk who prepares the monthly balance sheet or a security clerk who records, files, and looks after stocks and other important documents.
Clerks also deal with information related to loans. Such information is highly confidential and only a loyal and responsible person is given this responsibility.
Clerks are also required to record interests owed to a particular customer and interest owed to bank from other financial institutions.
Different type of positions as clerks of the bank are provided based on your performances in various areas and your specializations.
In order to be a good bank clerk, you need to have good communication skills ( to communicate with the client), logical skills, computer literacy, decorum and honest behavior.

In order to ba bank clerk you need to have a good educational background. You need to score good marks in the bank exam conducted by the respective bank. If you have not got your chance yet, you can try in the CWE conducted in 2011 by IBPS. It will be recruiting candidates for both clerical posts and Bank PO posts.

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