Bar girl investigations in Bangkok

If you’re visiting Thailand, you need to be careful. Hanging around in the tourist areas you will likely be meeting with bar girls and various other Thai women of the night. There are thousands of bar girls in Bangkok and their ultimate goal is finding foreign boyfriends to help them out by sending money every month.

But there is a downside to this with thousands of men sending money to women that continue sleeping with other men while they’re out of the country. Many of these ladies try to pull off a “Thai girlfriend scam” where they will meet multiple different men in bars, then recruit them as boyfriends. Having multiple foreign boyfriends at the same time is very profitable for many Thai women as these men send eye watering amounts of money each month. This cash combined with gifts and presents from boyfriend and any wages/salary from the bar, as well as the income from continuing to sleep with other men at the same time, really adds up to a lot of cash. Some of these ladies are making more money than their boyfriends are earning in their home countries.

With their boyfriends in love and clueless, the Thai women can make thousands of dollars. This is where we come in.

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Angelina is a correspondent at The Independent.