Well begun is half done? We can say that the invention of the Internet is the greatest invention of the century to quickly find the information possible. It also has negative aspects, because it is an open forum, so it seems to differentiate fact from fiction is difficult. It is the goal of every scientist to know how to perform data mining on the Internet for data accuracy. There are a number of powerful search engines search results.

File extensions for known data mining

For data mining, the first thing that is important to know the file extensions. Sites ending in dot-com sites are commercial or retail. Since the sale is involved, there is a possibility that the collected information is inaccurate. Sites ending in dot-gov, governments, and these sites are reviewed by professionals. Sites ending in dot-org are usually nonprofit organizations. There is a possibility that the information is incorrect. Sites ending in dot-edu are educational institutions, where the information comes from professionals. If you do not have knowledge that you can take the help of professional data mining.

Knowing the limitations of the search for Data Mining

The second step is to understand when performing data mining is that most search engines filter, extension, or parameter. These restrictions apply to type after your search term, such as when "marketing" and click "Search", all sites will be listed on the dot-com sites with long-term marketing on its website the Internet. If you "marketing site.gov" (without the quotation marks) as the Department sites are listed.

If you "marketing site: Org" only nonprofit in marketing will be listed. However, if you "marketing site: Edu" enter educational sites that marketing will be displayed. Depending on the type of data you want from me so if your search term "site.xyz", where xyz will be replaced by Com. Gov. Org or. Edu.

Advanced Settings in the Data Mining

When performing data mining, it is crucial to understand the file extension that is even possible for certain keywords, for example, if data mining for structural engineers association California and you enter into an association of California, without quotes the search engine shows hundreds of sites with the association and California in their search keywords. If the California Association of quotes, the search engine only sites with exactly the words of the Association of California in the text. If you type the site in conjunction California. Com, the search engine will display only the sites with the Association of California in the text, professional organizations only.

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