An odd question. Stop for a minute and listen to the thoughts running through your head right now. What are they? Are they happy, positive thoughts or the opposite?

Are you with anyone right now? Do you think they would be able to guess at what you are thinking?

Only you know the answer to the former question, but the latter? You will probably find that although people won't be able to guess at specific thoughts, they will be able to tell by your body language and expression a basic idea of your mood.

A person who is thinking happy positive thoughts will feel energized and cheered, as are the people around them.

However, a person carrying negative thoughts will sap energy and happiness from both themselves and other people. You will not only look full of doom and unhappy, but you will pass that feeling onto other people.

People with a positive attitude will be attractive to others, whilst the person with a negative attitude will have the opposite effect. People tend to keep away from those with a negative outlook.

Attitude can be described as that particular person's way of looking at the world, and whichever you focus on, ie the negative, that side will always come up trumps, as will the positive side for those with a positive attitude.

The benefits of a positive outlook are many. For example, a positive attitude has shown to give the individual better health, more friends and a certain robustness that allows them to deal with stress and negative issues far better.

How do you get a positive attitude? Well, it begins with the way that you see yourself. If you are happy with yourself and confident, you will find that it rubs off on others around you.

Of course, a negative attitude will have quite the opposite result, making you unhappy with the way you see yourself, and by proxy, having the same effect on those around you.

So why do some individual choose the negative over the positive route? There are many reasons, one of which being a cry for attention. Everyone feels sad, fed up, angry and down sometimes, but these thoughts are not healthy if dwelt on for a long period of time isn't healthy.

Life is full of problems to be solved and it should be remembered that no matter how bad things seem at the time, if you think about the good things in your life it will give you a renewed sense of hope for the future. Problems instead become a challenge.

Let's face it, developing a positive outlook doesn't cost a penny and is far healthier than a negative one. Why not develop a positive attitude right now? It will make you healthier, you will age better and make others around you feel good, and you will be better at coping with stress. Go on, try it today!

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