Be the Envy of the Neighborhood

In case you haven’t heard, one of the latest swimming pool inventions is underwater speakers that allow one to enjoy the same music that is heard above water after he or she is submerged in the pool water. It is luxury pool technology at its finest.


Imagine your next pool party or family get-together if you had underwater speakers installed in your swimming pool. Your pool will be the topic of conversations for quite a while, and your house will become quite a popular hangout.

Benefits of an Underwater Speaker System

Bring the Family Together for Fun at Home – It may be hard to keep teenagers interested in doing things with the family, but water activities draw people of every age together for fun. A home swimming pool that is equipped with an underground speaker system would keep teenagers home more often.


Enjoy Very Good Sound Underwater – When a person is submerged in water, it is fairly hard to hear music that is playing above the water, but music that is piped into water is very clearly heard by a person that is submerged in water, though it will not be in stereo. Sound is heard so well in water that a separate volume level must be set for the water speakers so as to not blast the ears of the people who are in the water.


Enjoy the Same Music Both Inside and Outside of the Pool - Along with cool lighting, poolside landscaping, and a fancy pool design, the ability to seamlessly hear one’s favorite music through both air and water is swimming pool luxury at its finest.


If the stereo system includes karaoke, it is also possible to make announcements about the readiness of hamburgers and hotdogs or about a wedding engagement, etc., through the system that nobody swimming underwater would miss. You could tell your kids to come in and none of them would have the excuse that they couldn’t hear you because they were swimming.


Possible Medical Therapeutic Benefits - It may sound far-fetched, but researchers are looking to see how underwater sound can be used to treat patients since the human body consists of mainly water.

Quality Product and Installation

One of the concerns that many people have when it comes to putting electrical appliances in water is electrocution, especially if they hear a horror story about somebody getting electrocuted by their underwater pool lights. Safety where underwater speakers are concerned can be achieved if you purchase quality appliances and hire them professionally installed by experienced people.


Purchasing bulb-like, do-it-yourself speakers that you can replace pool lights with may not the best idea. If you were not present when the underwater lights were installed, you may need to have the wiring for the lights checked and possibly replaced anyway so as to be sure of their safety.


Slim Speakers – Professionally installed underwater speakers will be slim and will be installed flush against the pool wall next to a light within the light niche. Cheap do-it-yourself speakers are shaped more like a big bulb because they are made to replace pool lights. For the sake of safety, going the cheap route is not advisable. You don’t want to take out pool lighting anyway.


Professional Installation – Professionally installed quality underwater speakers would be installed in about the same manner as lights are. For inground pools in Jackson MS, Houston TX, or any other city with warmer conditions they have contractors who create niches and then run conduit.


The city also has audio professionals who take over the underwater speaker installation process from there, tying the underground subwoofers to the landscape speakers for synchronization of the music. These professionals also preset different volumes so that the volume in the water won’t be too loud! With the two volumes set correctly, an underwater speaker system would truly be seamless when going into and out of water.

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