There is a success we can attain that goes far beyond simple material success. This deep of success is attained only through the giving up our attachment to being "right" about all the illusions we have surrounding what it means to be successful. In the online seminar I do with participants, we work a lot on processes that assist us in giving up the energy wasting practice of attachment. Attachment to illusions usually! Once we claim this energy that we already have, and are already using, back again, we can then designate its use toward the achievement of goals other than ones that are impossible to accomplish, such as trying to make an illusion real. Let's instead, make our dreams real!

Ask anyone, and they will certainly tell you their answer as to what it means to lead a successful life, and if anyone asks you, you might even come up with a few choice details yourself. If there are six billion or more people on the planet, and each one of them has very specific formulas for what constitutes success, then who is right? The obvious answer is that they all are. How can this be so? Pay attention, be here now, and focus here: they are all right because for each and every one of them, it isn't in achieving the details that they believe will make them successful, that make them a success, it's in the feel of it that any one of them attains success. What does this mean?

What this means is that we are hard wired to believe that success is somehow outside of ourselves, (another illusion) and since so many billions of details exist outside of ourselves, every single person on the planet can make up a new game for which the achievement of a certain combination of details adds up to their feeling successful. I know I do this, and there isn't anyone who I know who doesn't. But just because we all do something, doesn't mean that there isn't a place to aim for that evolves beyond where we are now at. Why desire to evolve? We desire to evolve because anyone with any sort of compassionate heart can easily look around them, and observe that the human race has an enormous potential that it just isn't using right now. Maybe even, that it's ever used. War, crime, hatred, racism, makewrong, judgments, complaints, lack of integrity, lying, deceit, and billions of people living disconnected from their own body-mind-heart triad that is so important to the living of a whole, complete, life, a life that is quite within reach of any one of us, because it's a life that exists within each one of us. We live this life when we drop away any attachment to our many illusions as we shift our energy over from what doesn't work, to what does work, for the achievement of our greatest and highest good.

We live this life when we walk, work, and wend our way around the paths we have chosen for our lives, how they turn out and burn out, in every moment that we live. To so live isn't to live anything different from what we're living right now, but to live with all of what we're living right now. All of what we desire, and do not desire. To live all of life, as messy as it gets, which means to work to close the gap between life as it is, and life as we would like it to be. We close the gap through telling the truth about how it is, and then committing to how we would then like it to be. Why do this? Because to live that authentic a life, to live life more and more of our time on Earth in the moment, is to live truth. Truth is, all of us are born with one life, not knowing where we came from and not really knowing where we are going, with endless speculation on each of these areas, speculation designed to make us feel better about what is inevitable. Feel better about what is inevitable? Hold on there! What craziness have we so bought into, that we have worked ourselves up into a froth over resisting through so many colorful distractions, what's inevitable anyway! Distractions of entertainment, war, anger, upset, makewrong, finger pointing, complaints, and any and all preoccupations that get between us, and really paying attention to our lives; what they are, what they feel like, where we are, and where we are heading. Fear, the ever present companion of modern man, may have taken over our hard wiring, for whatever reasons we have allowed it to dominate and control us, but that doesn't mean that we have to leave it in charge, not once we discover this truth.

Truth is, given our enormous potential for living evolved lives based on love, not fear, we all have this potential for being hugely successful, and right now. Truth is, there really is only one success we desire and only one: to feel better and better than we now feel in this present moment, regardless of how we feel. Including ecstatic! Just think about it. What happens when something extremely joyful occurs out of the blue for us? We immediately want more of how that feels. Given this is our hard wired relationship to success, we might as well live life as it is, and accept all the truths related to that, and all other inevitable facts, and then seek to be, do, and have, that which will allow us to live the richest lives possible emotionally. Because after all, that emotional richness, the feeling better in each now moment, is the real thing we desire as successful human beings, and so is what we are truly after. Not the relationships, not the cash, and not the accolades. Whew! Did that upset you? I know finding out about this initially upset me!

But we don't have to stay upset over the truth. Because the good news relating to this authentic of success, is that right now, in this moment, if we pay close enough attention to our thoughts, our desires, and our actions, the realization that feeling better and better can occur, and that it's an inside job, will dawn on us. The wholly immutable fact that we can evolve right now is so in front of our faces, that most people, if not all, miss this fact, and all the time. Think of it like the Earth. It's so present under our feet, such an accepted fact of life, so taken for granted, that it's taken many generations for us to simply become aware that yes, we live on it, and that, yes, our actions do affect the quality of our lives upon it. Whew, again!

So what does all this have to do with our success? The thing is this. If we are conscious of the real reasons we seek relationship, money, family, love, fame and fortune, which is to in any one now moment, to feel better than we are now feeling, regardless of how we feel, then the option of pursuing these things with a joyful heart opens up for us. And in pursuing the accomplishment of the details of our lives with a joyful heart, all that we do becomes that which we can then call successful, because we will be already feeling good about ourselves as we go along simply living our lives, rather than pointing to some chimera out there and labeling it as that which will make us feel better some day. Because the second truth is, it won't. Anything out there won't, because the second we attain anything, oh, yes, maybe a little longer than a second at times, we will want something else. And that's what it means to be a human being. Yet if we consider success being to fulfill our immutable desire to feel good inside about ourselves, first, then our journey becomes not a seeking after that which fulfills, but a living out of that which in and of itself, is fulfilling. In every second, right here and right now, of every moment that we live. And then there you go, authentic real success, and best of all, right now! Here's to yours!

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TB Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!™ a thirty week online seminar designed for your success.

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