Specialized cycling clothing

If you like cycling and want to take it to the next level, there is a host of specialized cycling clothing to suit your needs. Whether it's road bike racing, off-road mountain biking, or BMX riding, you can be sure that whatever you decide to specialize in, there is a wide range of professional clothing available to enhance your experience and equip you. . Starting with regular bikes to specially designed bikes and riding on new terrain can be overwhelming at first, but it's a great way to get more out of cycling and challenge yourself with a new kind of riding. When embarking on specialty cycling areas, you may find that regular cycling jersey clothingdoesn't suit your needs and you need to invest in some specifically designed items to keep riding.

Road bike racing

For those who like to test their performance and limits when riding a bike, road cycling is the next step and high performance cycling clothing helps riders with cycling apparel keep going for much longer. Although of course you don't have to take part in competitions, the road bike community relies on the competitive element, both with yourself and with other riders in your group. Putting your stamina, speed, determination and will to the test, road bike racing is the ultimate challenge; From a friendly group ride to the mountain stages on the famous Tour de France, you'll want to push your limits, and specially designed racing cycling clothing is a must-have for serious enthusiasts.

Cycling clothing for mountain biking

There's a big difference between a quick bike ride to work and an off-road mountain bike; Speeding downhill on uneven, rocky terrain in a flurry of mud and branches is not your usual ride, and you'll want to dress in the best cycling clothing to stay safe and comfortable while traversing the mountain passes. The element of excitement and danger is what mountain biking is all about, it gets your adrenaline pumping and it's the ultimate in exhilarating riding. 

Of course, you will need more resistant and protective clothing than the normal bicycle; long sleeve shirts, cold weather gloves, hoodies and cold weather bike tights. There is a greater emphasis on protection in mountain bike clothing as of course it can be dangerous and you need to take cover before hitting the trails. Hard and soft waist shorts are available, generally including knee and shin guards, as well as elbow pads, but full body guards are available for those who wish to be extra careful. The use of mountain bike gear is essential to the sport and an example of where the use of cycling clothing really makes a difference.

If you thought choosing your clothing jersey color or design was quite a difficult decision to make, then your mind will be blown away by some of the technicalities that some garments have. Some shirts you can buy are cleverly designed to protect you from the sun's damaging rays, which is great if you train a lot in the summer or in hot weather conditions. Other jerseys boast a variety of different technical characteristics that only a professional would be happy with, which is a great statement if you want to become a professional cyclist.

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