Carnation flowers are one of the best gifts for a friend or loved one. Let them recognize how much you love & care for them with these beautiful flowers. Carnations come in red, pink, purple, or white. Feel free to combine other types of flowers as well. If you don’t know how to get started, check out our list for great ideas. Remember, there are no limits. Think of what your friend will appreciate. Go all the way to make them happy. You can gift them carnations on Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversaries, or Birthdays.

Green and Pink Florals

Green and pink combine well together because they are all bright colors. You’ll be making a bold statement. Get some green carnation flowers and combine them with pink roses to produce a fine bouquet. If you have a jovial friend who appreciates color, get these for them. To spice up things, add a green planter and pink alstroemerias. Don’t forget a personalized card. Just a few lovely words will do the magic.

Carnations, Daisis and Roses Kiss

Create a romantic atmosphere by buying your better half this beautiful basket. The passionate red blooms are perfect for any setting. Look for a nice vase whose color complements the carnation flowers. Use it to celebrate your romance, or gift them on Valentine’s Day.

Carnations in a cube

Be more creative. Who said you couldn’t arrange flowers in a glass cube vase? Surprise your better half with multi-colored carnations mixed with artificial waxflowers. However simple it seems, this bouquet brings back that pleasant garden-fresh appeal. Here are a few suggestions; pink waxflowers, mini carnations, and hot pink carnations.

Classic Red and white charm

Whenever a red and white combination, the picture is perfect. Create a festive display by mixing white monte casino, white carnations, and red roses. You might need a large basket for this one. Use a bright-colored ribbon to tie this ensemble. Pen down a cool love message in a personalized card to go with the gift.

Carnations and Red Roses

A bouquet of red roses and carnations sends a powerful message. Awe your loved one with this high-quality bouquet. Pack them in a classic vase, and attach a heartfelt personalized card.

Lavender Fantasy

A purple bouquet is one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see. Express your love, or send it on a birthday. This bouquet is so eye-catching that your loved one will appreciate it. Show them that you are all about joy, love, and happiness. For the design, select a wide variety of lavender flowers. Remember, this is the only color here, so we don’t want to be boring. Get some roses, alstroemerias, and carnation flowers.


You can never go wrong with carnation flowers, especially if you wish to gift them. As you can see, there is so much you can do with these flowers. Play around by bringing other types of flowers into the mix. Let color be your guide. Make it complete by arranging them in a nice basket or vase.

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