Beauty is a state of existence where the person has spent lots of time and effort in caring for the nails, hair, and skin. Only when you have done so, you will look attractive to others. But, people do not know how to transform an ordinary face into a fabulous one. This is why so many people go to beauty salons and spend so much money there.

Use a trimmer to keep your hair short

If one knew what to do, one will not have to waste so much money. For instance, if one knew how to trim one’s hair, they would not have to go to a hair clinic. Many of us know how and when to trim the hair, but lack a suitable trimmer to do the job. Now, you can get a good quality trimmer and to Buy Hair Trimmers Online all you have to do is surf a little. You will come across hundreds of online shops ready to cater to your demand. But, first, let us look at the top types of hair fashion available today.

Top fashion cuts of 2018

For Women:

Natural shag cut: This perfect for women without too much hair length. Side part your hair and brush it a few times to set the natural curls to define the hang.

Ye old down to shoulder look: This is good for women who have shoulder length straight hair. You will need a curling iron to twist those ends up and a strong hold hairspray to keep the top flat and hair hang straight.

Half-up top knot: This is another great style for women. Side part the hair on both sides, bring them up over your head and make a top knot. Let it hang down and there you are.

For Men:

Disconnected undercut with a side part: Use this with a faux hawk or a pompadour and you will be the talk of the town. An undercut is shaving the lower part of your head with curves or a straight line and defined with a thin line shaved at the border. The hair above this undercut remains parted to one side.

Low fade with brushed up fringe: Hair gets a cut with an even fringe that disappears into your shaven patch low down the head. Top of the head sports a pompadour or fringe brushed up or tousled.

Essential foods for hair care

Hair needs nourishment. Egg, spinach, fatty fish, nuts, grains, carrots, and citrus fruits help the growth and upkeep of hair. Drink enough water and do exercise. These will keep those hair follicles brim with life and remain thick.

Tips for basic hair health

One thing you must keep in mind is that when your hair grows out of its bounds, it looks ugly. So, clip it when it is time. Use a Hair Clipper Machine to help you with this. You can buy one online and begin to care for your hair.

Other things you hair loves are a regular shampoo (about once a week), a good oil massage for the scalp, and a good brushing for people long hair.

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