One of the most effective treatment methods is Neurotherapy. You can learn this within one year and become a neurotherapist. Since the treatment method is direct and simple, you will learn it fast.

Institutions all over India

There are institutions all over India where you can study. If you are from Delhi, you can take a Neurotherapy Course in Delhi and become a neurotherapist there. It helps set your career on line with a good earning potential. You can send your application form for admission now.

The method of treatment in Neurotherapy involves the use of the nerve channels and regulation of blood and fluid flow in the body. It does not involve the use of medicines of any sort. So, most people like it. Allopathic medicines have some side effects always.

The diagnosis and treatment is based on solving the reason for the pain around the navel region. The pain around the navel region is analysed and this gives an idea of the nature of the illness. The locations of pain in the hip and navel regions consists of 16 specific points. By removing one or more of these pain points, we can increase our well-being.

The second portion of the analysis involves determination of the place where you place the pressure. You can read it in the books on the subject or enrol for the course where they teach you everything about this topic. You find the various formulae that helps you determine the points and the reasons for using them.

Application fees for the course

To apply for the Neurotherapy Course in Delhi you must have passed 12th class in any subject to study the basic course. The fees for this course is about Rs 10,000 and it will last for 4 months. A fresh batch is inducted in January, May, and September each year. The Diploma course lasts for one year and the fees is around Rs 30,000.

The points of pain will change every day for each patient. So, it is necessary to make an assessment on each day. This is one of the reasons that Neurotherapy is so different from other treatment and analysis methods. It is also worth noting that people with different ailments, will experience the same pain points on certain days.

Locating the pain

The location of the pain can be physically determined. If you apply pressure on the legs and ankles and between the groin, then it relieves pain above the navel. If you apply pressure on the forearms up to the wrist and on the arms, this will relieve pain below the navel. This is the way it works. Further, if you apply pressure on the right side then the person will experience relief on the left side of the body.

Neurotherapy is known by many names. It is called Ladara in North India. In the south, it is called the Kerali massage. The main thing in neuropathy is that it places importance on the ability of the body to heal itself. The therapist helps the body to heal itself by opening the right paths for it.

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