A common thing that we have all faced with essay writing is that we get panicked just after receiving the essay prompt. The task of writing an essay can be intimidating. The problem begins with the confusion over how to start with the essay. There are many who have anxiety or phobia with top essay writing. This stops them from going ahead with the essay. As a result, they always face late submissions and poor grades. But, if they create some strategies and follow them, it will no longer be a problem to begin with their essays immediately.

Some of the reasons for this kind of phobia can be a lack of self-esteem, fear of failure, having unrealistic goals etc. So, if you have a similar phobia, you must, at first, detect the reasons behind it and prepare the strategy according to it.
So, how can you prepare the perfect strategy which will make the journey of essay writing pleasant for you?
• Face your fear- The best way you can conquer your anxiety is by simply dealing with it. So, without thinking much, just get started with the essay. Writing an essay consists of many steps. You can begin with the easiest phase of the process. Once you start, you will find that you are easily progressing.
• Set realistic goals- Decide what you want to achieve with your essay and set goals according to that. However, remember that your goals should not be something unrealistic. You cannot expect to produce a perfect essay in the first attempt. You can make goals like completing your essay within a certain time etc.
• Prepare a plan- You should create a plan regarding how you will go ahead with the essay. Writing haphazardly without any proper plan will make the task more difficult for you. So, having a plan beforehand can help you to get rid of your fear as you will have a clear idea about how you will proceed with the essay. You will also be able to prepare a logically structured essay by creating a plan.
• Get help- Talking with an expert who has written many essays can be beneficial for anyone with a fear for essays. This way, it can also be possible to find out the solution to the specific problems that one is having. One can also take inspiration and tips on writing essays from the expert.
• Be positive- You should always think positively to achieve any task. In the case of writing essays also, you need to believe in yourself. So, instead of not even trying just by thinking that you cannot write the essay, you should always tell yourself that you can create a great essay. Once you start thinking like this, you will become less scared of writing an essays and more confident about it. Thus, you will be able to start the essay as soon as you get it.
In final words, it can be said that anybody can write excellent essays if they put the right effort into it. Nobody can produce a perfect paper in the first try only. So, you must keep on trying without giving up just by seeing the prompt.

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