One of the best ways to begin the process of being truer to yourself is to stop acting or “per-forming” with a primary impetus being to appease others. Granted, there are times and places when it is necessary to act within certain parameters, such as in a work environment.

However, we all go through times of feeling socially unfulfilled or disconnected, and while seeking approbation and acceptance from a niche du jour, may overcompensate by acting in a manner that belies our true-self. It is actually pretty ironic that at times we may seek personal approval and acceptance from others by not acting like yourself. Yes indeed, life can at times be a stage.

When defining yourself more through the eyes of others than your inner truth, it is not uncommon to begin thinking, feeling and acting less like yourself and more as you would assume they would prefer you to be. However, whatever your assumptions of the preferences of others may be, you may or may not be very accurate nor your actions necessarily expected or effective.

Think about it, you’re assumptions of the preferences of others is based on how they are acting or what they are saying, but what if they are doing the same thing you are? What if they are being just as untrue to themselves and putting on their own show, for the same reasons?

Seeking approval and connection through submission and imitation, though flattering, will neither endear you very deeply to others, nor allow you to connect with, understand, trust and grow confident in yourself. It will also not give you that which your heart ultimately needs and desires; genuine connections and rewarding interactions with others; emotional realities that can ultimately only take root from within you.

If your impetus is to connect with others on deeper levels, try making an honest effort to act and react to life and to them truer to the one person whose innermost opinions truly matter and in whose reality your true happiness lies; your true-self. Who you really are, is an authentic individual who is no less deserving of happiness than anyone else! Maybe it’s time to take a step back and look at yourself as a real human being with a viable heart that deserves to be respected and appeased as much as anyone’s!

Also take heart in knowing that with enough time and self-discovery, far deeper, more mean-ingful and satisfying interactions of greater depth and care, and under better circumstances, will find their own time and place in your life. And that you will enjoy them all the more as they are experienced as a genuine extension of your true heart.

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Don Neviaser is a Certified Life Coach and award winning author of four books of motivational / inspirational quotes and perspectives. As a Life Coach he specializes in helping people move beyond restrictive mindsets or debilitating self-perceptions to a place of inner unity and appreciation for who they are and what they are capable of. He has helped many people live far more enriching and productive lives in line with their true-self!

“My standard for success is very straight forward; helping others to genuinely enjoy the gift of life by tuning to their inner most self and accomplishing that which is a true, natural representation of the unique person they are!

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