“An actor and a waiter, not just job descriptions. For everyone I know Is one or the other. Life’s waiter’s wait. They blame other people. Or even fate itself when nothing happens. Life’s actors act To make things happen believing that even fate needs a helping hand. I have been both at times that is how I know that being either Is better than being a nowhere Person.”

Colin Edwards - The Star Process

Samuel Jackson was once asked if he took jobs as a waiter during his struggle to become an actor. Samuel's response was actors act, waiters wait.

Samuel Jackson was able to twist an innocent question about jobs into an answer that was more to his liking and quite profound. This is no way to besmirch anyone who did other jobs before they became who they were born to be. I have done the same throughout my journey and continue to do so today. What he meant by the statement is the only way to become what you want to be, is by making things happen.

Like many people, I have a diversity of interests and I have a broad range of skills. Currently, I am a psychotherapy student, a personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition and a life coach. Often people have asked me why such a long description of titles. I have wondered if I should narrow everything down to one job. But after coming to terms with who I am and what I have to offer, why narrow things down at all?

All of my titles are parts of who I am and what excites me about life. I have and always wanted to help people lead their best lives. Various people need different tools to get to become who they are destined to be. Some people need coaching. Others want fitness, while others would require a referral to another professional for things beyond my scope. By pursuing whatever interests me the most I've been able to carve out an existence that is stimulating and rewarding, even though it is quite hectic.

Each time I found something that interests me, I found a way to pursue it and made it a part of who I am. The waiting game was never my strong suit. Why wait until the right moment to be what I wanted to be? The right moment rarely seems to come. There are only a few vocations where a high level of expertise is needed to perform the duty.

There is no sense in delaying who you want to be. Delaying is another form of procrastination. As long as you choose to do something that is in alignment with who you are, you should start wherever you are at. Do not settle for one title or role, if there are many things you want to do. In life we are parents, children, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. We have never been defined by one thing alone.

You are worthy, so follow your passions. You should not feel guilty for pursuing your dreams. You do not need anyone’s permission to make a contribution to this world. We are all born for a specific purpose and it takes time to figure out how we can contribute to make this a better world.

Continuously take action as you figure things out. As action is taken, the universe will conspire to ensure your success. The only way to become an actor is to act. The only way to be a writer is by writing. The only way to become great is to be great. The journey may be arduous but it is an important step in the road to becoming your best self. Remind yourself daily who you are destined to be.

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Lennox J. Cadore

Personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition and life coach
Do you need help implementing information that can transform your own life? I can help you attain your goals and visions. If you have any questions on self-care, designing the proper exercise or meal plans to suit your needs email me: lennox@lennoxcadore.com and we can work together to create a healthier you!