We take care of our children. We take care of our spouses. We take care of our pets. We take care of our parents. Why don’t we take care of ourselves with the same energy, and passion, as we do for others??? It sounds so easy in theory to turn our attention inward, but in practical application most of us fail miserably at it. We find time for everyone, and everything else, but not for ourselves.
LADIES, it’s time to look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are important, and that you are beautiful. STAND UP, literally stand up and say it to yourself; I am special, and I am beautiful!!!! Start believing in YOU! Take time for yourself, maybe start with a bubble bath, read a good book, take a walk, whatever your individual passion is.
Refrain from putting yourself on the back burner, and start getting your internal fire stoked. Trust me, everyone around you, in all facets of your life, will take note, and your relationships will flourish! You will be surprised by the increase in your functionality once you start loving yourself first. Be kind, compassionate, loving and nurturing to yourself, just as you are with others. Think of the times when you’ve poured all your energy into caring for those around you, and at the end of the day you were exhausted. By caring for yourself first you will be energized to give freely to others and avoid the exhaustion.
Do the little things for yourself that allow you to break out of the ordinary. Dance when nobody is watching, sound out a cheery hello to the new day, sing in the shower.
My girlfriend Isabella introduced me to “martini mornings”! No, I’m not a boozer! I start my days with yogurt, granola and fruit all served in the most glamorous martini glass that I could find. Isabella calls it a “martini kind of day,” and although it sounds silly, it gives me the feeling of being a princess. This is an example of taking a mundane breakfast and transforming it into something truly special. I ask that you TRY IT – DO IT for yourself.
Take the “I will start taking care of myself” plunge. This is not selfish, but in the long run you will find it to be selfless. By taking care of self, you are empowering yourself to feel good about yourself, and therefore be energized to take care of others. Just think; how can you be the best for others, if you can’t even be the best for yourself? The time is NOW. No procrastinating on this one ladies. Start each day by making it a martini kind of morning, then look in the mirror and find something to give yourself a compliment about. If you are having a hard time to compliment yourself about, I’ll cover that in another blog at a later time!
Remember, may the possibilities of today excite us all!!!!