The natural inclination of human being is to believe in something more superior than the self. This remains true throughout all cultures where human laws and interactions and are based and the center of morality is founded.

It is true that there are many people believe in someone more magnificent and powerful instead of believing in someone more superior than the self. It is humorous that those who do not have belief in something more superior than they are often go a long way to prove it. To argue, to struggle and to over non-existed things without offering obligating truths is really crazy. After all nations and cultures believing less in spiritual aids and spirits are nations and cultures having the highest rates of suicide.

Certainly, all of us have the right to live a happy life. The constitution assures that our elders protected us due to that and our strengths lead us to achieving that. When we travel through life, a misunderstanding which we always sink into is the understanding that we can promote happiness by acquiring more than requiring: Winning the lottery, a big house in a great location, a latest automobile, fame and whatever you are dreaming of.

The controversy of those who do not have any belief in higher spirits, spirituality and themselves as eternal beings is that cause wars of pathos, sadness, grief, were due to spiritual and religious conflicts. The cause of wars and sadness is not spirituality, not religion but greed. It is the passion to outdo the other people to dominate, to enforce, to get the upper hand the will which causes conflicts and grief. And above of all, it is actually the love of the self as everything else, if not dispensable, is just secondary.

The leaders of controversies are supposed to be supra this? We can suppose they are so. As time goes by, acquisition and greed creeps in and then the cycle continues going. This is because of conflicts which were started on the premise of getting more and righting a wrong perceived which is done whether imaginary or not, whether true or not.

The only purpose of human being is to be. Without exception, to be is always to be creative. And human beings are the only creation which have ability to be creative and thus to be co-creators. We are not actually alive if we do not positively create. To positively create is to go to the outside of the self. Note the people who gave a lot, served a lot and achieved a lot are those who are remembered best. They are the guide-posts of everything which we aspire for secretly and everything which is good. The truth is that we are made out of good and we will not reach happiness unless we aspire for what is good.

The best thing is the Creators who create me and you are the same one that keeps on providing me and you with the source of happiness. This same Creator, whether believed or not, whether denied or not, keeps on loving in spite of being blasphemed.

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