Technical Analysis: If you talk about Technical Analysis, then many people who participate in the market use Technical analysis in different ways. Some people see this as the money-making solution in less time, which is quite possible. But for this, you have to understand Technical Analysis very well and you should know to implement it. And some people also use Technical analysis to make a lot of money.

Technical Analysis is a very good tool to understand the stock market and to confirm the deal, but for this, you should know to implement the Technical Analysis correctly.

Benefits and limitations of Technical Analysis:

  1. SHORT TERM TRADES: Technical Analysis is used to identify short term trades. It should not use for long term trade. Fundamental Analysis is much better for long term trade. However, a good investor will use Fundamental Analysis for a Long Term Trade as well as Technical Analysis for Entry and Exit in the Market.
  2. RETURN ON PER TRADE: Trading based on Technical Analysis generally should not expect much profit, but rather take small advantages by using Technical Analysis.
  3. HOLDING PERIOD: Trades that are based on Technical Analysis can range from 1 minute to a few weeks, and the Technical Analysis works very well in a short time frame.
  4. Risk: If the trades to be done on the basis of Technical Analysis, then it is necessary to book the loss if the loss occurs because if this will not be done then it will go against the technique and the situation can be worse if the stop loss is not used.

In this way you can understand how we can benefit from Technical Analysis, and how can we do better deals with the help of Technical Analysis

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