Military discipline can be administered in many ways and it is normally a harsh discipline when administered by the military. The military administers discipline as a make or break type proposition. The troop who makes it through military training has learned to adhere to and embrace this new lifestyle. Embracing it enables the troop to survive and even flourish in his military environment. Military discipline is all encompassing in that it is designed to touch every aspect of the life of the soldier. When the soldier enters the military all vestiges of the old life are removed. He or she is indoctrinated to military life by having military icons replace all that he has ever known in civilian life.

The recruit loses TV and radio privileges. In addition they are confined to a military environment during the entire time that they undergo training. They are stripped of hair and clothing and bombarded with a new lifestyle which is ultra disciplined.

One good thing is that this discipline becomes a major part of the life of the recruit. It carries them through their time of military service and can also help tremendously in their civilian life. The soldier may have a hard time adjusting to the discipline of civilian life and struggle for a while before letting go of some of the values which served then so well while they were in the military. This is normally difficult for the average person because they had to embrace these values in order to survive while in the military.

It has been my experience that former military men and women often make superior employees because of the discipline that they received while in the military. Now I am being careful not to say that every former serviceman will be a better employee because not all of them were good soldiers. Some people reject military discipline at all costs. This type person will not respond to civilian authority and will have a rebellious mindset. If this is the case there is no amount of authority or control which will work. This type person has learned to play the game which makes them even harder to identify.

Sometimes disciplined people may be institutionalized which makes them creatures of habit. People who have been institutionalized are creatures of habit and any small change in their environment will cause them much distress. They can be counted on to perform the same daily tasks like clockwork but can’t handle anything outside of the realm of the present.

The truly disciplined person has established good daily habits and a work ethic which all serve to help them get ahead. He or she should be able to respond to changes in the situation smoothly and efficiently without missing a beat. New and different requirements won’t bother them because they have the mindset to take on the problem and prevail. The same disciplined approach to life will be the thing that causes them to overcome the problems presented by new and changing situation.

The disciplined person will manage the environment that surrounds them. They will have developed a habit of managing their surroundings and will do so no matter where they happen to be. They will exert that discipline whether they are stranded on a raft floating in the Pacific, or in an executive boardroom, or watching TV in their living room. Discipline is a lifestyle not just a practiceThe Good Life

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